I messed up big time on a layer..Please help...

  • I accidentally colored on my outline layer and now I can't undo it past the point I started coloring it..Is there a way to only erase the color without erasing the line? Or copying only the outline on a separate layer?

  • .The biggest risk is that your coloring may have eaten up some of the anti- aliasing. but this way ( below) will give you a line layer and still keep the coloring that you have done ...
    Go to menu item selection>Select Color Gamut ... set the "error margin of color" to about 10 ( or experiment with it) and click on an area/line of black in the picture. Now CTRL X and CTRL V (cut Paste) or CTRL C and CTRL V ( Copy Paste) will put your linework on a new layer.

  • Oh my gosh thank you so much! That definitely fixed the problem. You're a life saver

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