3D background models not responding

  • For the past week, everytime I try to drag a 3D background model on to my canvas, the entire software stops responding and I have no choice but to force close it. I have tried everything from checking off use multi-sampling to reinstalling the entire materials catalogue. If anyone has a solution to this, please reply, I have to get this working as soon as possible.

  • The 3D object you're dragging onto your canvas, does it have a cloud icon on it in the Material palette?

  • No, i'm dragging it after downloading it and this is only happening with 3D background models, it doesnt happen with 3D dolls or any objects.

  • Try creating a new canvas at a much lower resolution and drag the model onto it to see if the lock up still happens at lower canvas sizes.

  • Yeah, its still happening. :(

  • I'm not sure what would be causing this. You might have to contact Smith Micro Support. I read some threads before that talked about lock ups and slow downs occurring as a result of being connected to websites like YouTube or music streaming sites but I've never experienced any of that myself.

  • I didn't have this problem either until I updated my tablet driver.

  • What tablet are you using?

  • I'm using a wacom intuos comic... its small but clip studio paint came with the software bundle.

  • I'm surprised Wacom would cause issues with CSP. CSP was developed with Wacom in mind more than any other tablet. You could try to roll back the driver (unless you updated to correct some other problem).


    You're right its not wacoms fault. I think what fixed the problem is that I went to the maintenance menu and chose the "reset installed materials" option and now even the most detailed background is working smoothly although its taking a lot of time to load. What of test of patience, huh?

    Thank you, garlam for replying to me :) ... I hope this thread helps anyone facing similar problems with 3D models.