Unanimatable figure?

  • So, I've got a scene, with about 10 characters in, all modelled and rigged by me, so no poser content. I've also got about 70 props, a combination of poser content and content I made. Everything has been working fine, but I brought in a new model ( again made by me), to rig. I added the rig of another similar characater in the scene to the library, then applied it to my new model. I set it up correctly and posing works and all.

    The issue comes in the key frames. For some reason, poser is not setting key frames. I can pose the character, move forward in the timeline, re pose it, and throughout the entire animation the character will be in the second pose. If I manually add keyframes in the timeline, nothing happens (although the latest undo becomes "undo set keyframes")

    I really have no clue what I've done to make this not work, but I've tried quite a few things to fix it and don't get why it's happening.