Requesting Help with Perfect Skin SSS Pro

  • I had emailed Ralf for help and a couple of months later learned of his death from his brother. In his lamentable absence, can anyone on this fine forum help me out? I know I can do this in EZ Skin, but the interface in Perfect Skin is easier to me, and I've never had success modifying Genesis 2 characters in that script, although it is listed as a capability:

    Perfect Skin SSS does not recognize the new DuskSE as Dusk, and I also want to be able to use your program with Genesis 2 Female. The manual says:

    When you click the Preset button, you get a menu where you can load and save presets, copy and
    past page settings, restore a page to the settings from the shader, and load settings from an add-on.
    You can load and save presets for each page. A preset consists of the values for all controls on a
    page, but it doesn't include the set name (if any). Optionally, you can also include the material
    selection, but this part will only work when the preset is loaded for the same figure type.
    If you save a preset with the name default to the folder where the script is located, this preset is used
    to initialize the page settings for figures that don't have be converted yet.

    When I try to load DuskSE or Genesis 2 into the program, I get no further than being told the figure is not recognized.

    There has to be a recognized figure in the window, and you have to click init and select something other than Start (for example, Skin) in order to even access the preset button. I tried saving Pauline as “default" in the same folder as the script but still nothing happens when I try to import an unrecognized figure. I tried saving the Dusk preset as “DuskSE” in the same folder as the script, but I still cannot load DuskSE. Consequently, I do not see how I can create presets for other figures.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  • You need to edit the file "Perfect Skin SSS.fig" which should be in Runtime\Python\poserScripts\ScriptsMenu\D3D Perfect\

    You need to add DuskSE to the materials and name sections.

    Under Material should be DuskSE (or whatever obj. the cr2 calls) = Dusk (I'm assuming the material groups are the same for both)

    Under Name Would be whatever is showing in poser (DuskSE) = Dusk.

    Same for geneis 2.

    Materials - You'll have to see what obj the cr2 calls and add that as above. e.g. gen2123490804 = gen 2.

    Name - Genesis 2 (whatever name figure has in poser) = Genesis 2.

    This will use the materials definition that is listed farther down for dusk / Genesis 2. If the material groupings are different, you will have to define your own.

  • Thank you!