New upgrade on my Mac&Wacom messed up Manga studio EX5!

  • Just did an upgrade on my Mac and my Wacom tablet. I'm now experiencing pen lag with my Cintiq 13HD. Also I can no longer open my Manga studio files. I entered in my serial number from my Manga studio ex5 to try for the clip paint upgrade but it says its the same program. Somethings wrong with the program because I went on a simple drawing site, draw island and my pen works so it's the Manga studio. I'm completely frustrated that phone support does not exist! So I'm putting it out there. If I straight up buy the new Clip paint program will I be able to open my older drawings I created in Manga studio? Help please, someone!

  • There's a lot going on in your post so let's try and tackle this one at a time.
    Regarding the Wacom - have you tried going to File>Preferences>Tablet and switching to one of the other tablet services? I think there are 6 or 7 of them in Mac so you would have to go through each to see which one works.
    Regarding upgrading to Clip Studio Paint 1.5.4 from Manga Studio 5 - have you tried downloading the trial version of CSP? Enter your serial number using the trial version of CSP 1.5.4. The trial is the full version and just requires a serial to unlock.
    Regarding the files - What is the error message you receive when you try to open the file. What OS did you upgrade to?

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