Crashes when saving as png

  • I had this problem happen on both my samsung galaxy book 12 as well as on my desktop running windows 10. Clip studio seems to crash when trying to save a file as png, even if it is just one layer. If I save the file as clip or jpg, it's fine. As a png, it stops, and clip studio crashes. The png file when opened only shows some part of the image saved (like the top 10 percent to 30 percent). There seems to be some threshold. If I make a few lines, it saves. If i fill it and the pic is a bit more complicated, crashes.

  • @froggy4646
    try performing a partial program reset maybe (hold shift while launching clip, and only check whatever applies to program settings, etc)?

  • Honestly not sure, wha'ts causing things. I'm gonna download all the materials from clip studio and see if that does anything. Right now, have to save as tif and open in sketchbook and then save as a png as a work around.

  • Having a similar issue while saving as "png". I think its happening when I have a large DPI setting, it hangs, but eventually saves it.