How to modify a brush this specific

  • Hi people, I just started using manga studio heavely and came from physical instruments, and I'm kinda used to the color giving of a slighly darker tone of color on the edges of a brush stroke, is there a way to make a brush emulate that ?

  • In clip studio Paint ( manga studio 5 ) you can create that effect . You have to call up the Sub Tool Detail palette and go to the tab called "border of watercolor" ... you need to switch on that effect for the given brush and then play with the settings on that tab.... They allow you to set the width of that edge and the degree of color density or degree of darkness.
    If you have Manga Studio 4 then you do not have that effect

  • But Can you make that effect on a pen brush?

  • It works on any brush or pen... but if you are using a black penit will just make it a pixel wider...... but change your drawing color to white and you have a white line with a black edge...

  • I got a better idea. Is there a way for the brush stroke to change color to a darker tone in random instances for a short time and then back to its original color? I'm used to using ink colors

  • yes.... As I with those settings (transparency effect, luminosity effect) until you get the hang of it .;. what it does not include is a way to saturate the color of the edge