Wrapping a cloth around a body

  • I would like to use the Cloth Room to wrap a rectangular piece of cloth around our faithful Andy. I took the hires cloth rectangle, scaled it accordingly and added constrained vertices to both top ends (marked in red).


    Then I created two ball figures according to

    to use as handles to hold the cloth. I put them right inside the constrained vertices.


    The left handle stays stationary while the right rotates around Andy counterclockwise in order to wrap the cloth around him 360 degrees while slightly loosing height. The cloth is set to collide against Andy, both handles and the ground (just in case). I activated Cloth self-collision because I expected some folds that should not penetrate each other.


    The material should behave like silk, so I used these cloth settings:


    But - much to my surprise - the result looks like this:


    Although the left handle did not move, the cloth started to float away to the left from the start of the simulation. The cloth followed the right handle on the other side as expected and nicely wrapped around Andy's body, but it was ripped and torn; I suspect because of the tension on the left.

    What have I done wrong? Why does the left part of the constrained group drift to the left? Why doesn't it stick to the left handle? Or is there a better way to wrap a figure altogether?

  • I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve, mummy like wraps, a long belt, etc, but for the most part, when wrapping a cloth around a figure, I've had better luck using the bullet physics for this than the cloth room. If you have a version that supports that, you might look into it.

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    From the wayback machine, tutorial from Smith Micro.
    A written tutorial on how to wrap a cloth around a figure.

  • The problem is that the cloth can only be Constrained to the figure that the cloth is parented to.

    Therefore, a cloth cannot be constrained to two different figures.

    The way I solved that is by creating 6 cubes in Blender, 3 on the left side and 3 on the right side (balls will work the same way, just have more vertices to collide); export as OBJ, import in Poser, now you have a prop consisting of 6 cubes; then I made that prop a figure (I call it Manipulator) with 7 bones (hip, left1, left2, left3, right1, right2, righ3)

    Now you can parent the cloth to Manipulator, and parent Manipulator to the human figure (either parent to hip, chest or head, depending on where the cloth will be); you can position say left1 and right1 on cloth ends, make a simulation colliding both with the human figure and Manipulator (left1 and right1 bones), create the constrained vertexes as the original instructions, and then navigate left1 and right1 around the figure - the cloth will wrap nicely.

    Notice that if you are rotating the manipulator bones around the figure you'll need to rotate them on Y axis too (besides positioning them), otherwise the constrained vertexes will keep their orientation and will not rotate, creating odd artifacts around the constrained vertexes

  • @fbs7

    One more detail, in case that's no clear - hip has no vertices; left1 to right3 are all parented to the hip (like the bones of a spider... err... a 6-legged spider).

    Then what I did was to set the texture of left1 to right3 to be fully transparent, so they will not show in rendering; when I need to see the manipulator bones I set them to display = wireframe, then back to display = texture when it's movie time.

  • The tutorial gives the right hint.
    You can also place the figure horizontal at some height above the ground and use it as a spool. This lets then gravity do the tensioning part of the job.

    • Do not forget to activate cloth to cloth collision.
    • do not stretch the cloth too much because you will get very long facets that do not roll well. your wrap then begins to look like a chain of battens hooked up end to end.

  • @wimvdb said in Wrapping a cloth around a body:

    From the wayback machine, tutorial from Smith Micro.
    A written tutorial on how to wrap a cloth around a figure.

    Very sad to see the official tutorials relegated to the way back machine.
    Smith Micro had a lot of very useful Poser tutorials, especial for beginners and intermediates, many of them can still be used to answer many of the questions asked in the forums and they just dumped them. What were they thinking?

  • @adi overview page is here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140921064327/http://my.smithmicro.com:80/tutorials/index.html
    Problem with this sort of things is that if you do not maintain and update it, it will become a royal PITA because outdated tutorials wil become a source of questions themselves. We see this a lot with Marvelous Designer: The technology developed quite drastic there, menus chnges, became more rational but all the time we get questions from people who stumbled upon an old tutorial and ask where this or that button is.
    So, indeed good to clean up from time to time.
    There is a new series of tutorials at Renderosity: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/tutorial_premium/.

  • @wimvdb The tutorial that you dug up hit the spot! Thank you very much for that.
    Of course the choreographed group can be used as a handle for wrapping around!
    Oh, I wish that Poser Manual would be more extensive. All those gems hidden inside this program and you have to dig for each and every one of them...

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    @oldenburg said in Wrapping a cloth around a body:

    e gems hidden inside this program

    The Poser Pro 2010 Tutorial Manual is a very useful guide as well. You can find it on the support pages of Smith Micro: Find it on this link: https://support.smithmicro.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1982291-poser-poser-pro-user-manuals?b_id=8847
    Although it is for an older version of Poser, much of it is still valid and gives more explanatory information about the different modules in Poser.
    In the newer version it has been replaced by video tutorials, but sometimes reading is better as watching.

  • @wimvdb said in Wrapping a cloth around a body:

    In the newer version it has been replaced by video tutorials, but sometimes reading is better as watching.

    Oh definitely. I much prefer written tutorials to video. Thanks for the link. ~wink~

  • @Miss-B
    So here! Videos are so ineffective and time consuming to take in.
    They are just popular because they are cheap to make.

  • If I understand well, you want to round a cloth around the figure, I think you get better and easier results if you model the cloth in a 3d application as you want, and them, use it as a cloth in the cloth room, just an opinion.

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    Another option is to use VWD cloth simulator. You can pin one side and drag the other side around with the mouse during a live simulation. But of course it requires the VWD plugin to do the simulation.

  • @wimvdb The Tutorial Manual was a great hint, I wonder why they discontinued it for newer versions.

    @adh3d I was looking to achieve something like the cover of Latin in a Satin Mood.

  • @oldenburg I see, wow, a hard work there :) , first, to get that animation, I think the cloth is not affected at all by gravity, among other hard things to think about...

  • C'mon, it's not that difficult. Done in 10 minutes (actually 15 minutes with the printscreen uploads):

    (a) Create the 6-bone manipulator, parent to andy's chest:


    (b) Add the cloth, parent to manipulator:


    (c) Make simulator, select a few vertices on the borders as Constrained:


    (d) Make the cloth collide with Left1 and Right1 bones (that is, top left and top right cubes); then position these 2 cubes to rotate around andy; this is frame 10:


    and frame 20:


    (e) Run the simulation; make the manipulator texture all transparent (including transparency endge); this is frame 30 on simulation:


    (f) As the manipulator is following andy's chest, you can move andy around freely; this is a bow done in frame 40:


    Just put the manipulator texture back to solid if you want to move the cloth around andy.