Fix error in automatic rigging

  • How can I fix this error when I make automatic rigging, morphing and grouping with another character.![alt text](0_1500273654467_error poser.png

  • I would use Window| Joint Editor, then for each of the x,y, and z axes rotations, I would add or sbtract a weight paint using the weight map brush. Done correctly, you can see the vertices actually fall back into place.

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    Also; make sure that the rThigh and the lThigh vertex groups are not touching each other. => You need a hip group between rThigh and lThigh to prevent weld cracks.

    The rest can be done in the Joint editor. => For conventional rigging by adapting the inner and outer zone. For weightmap rigging by painting the weightmap.
    (Painting a weightmap is only possible in PoserPro.)

    The same check has to be done for the collars vertex groups. rCollar and lCollar vertex groups can not touch each other. => You need a chest vertex group between those.
    Best regards, Tony