Question about Celsy document folder

  • I have a question about this folder...

    Documents/CELSYS_EN/ClipstudioCommon/Document/99/34/ 083c886800-ff48-8c99-abe8-b8ca228d27

    folders "99" , "34" and "083c886800-ff48-8c99-abe8-b8ca228d27" are just randomly generated numbers assigned to these folders , so they may vary from person to person I think.

    I noticed in this folder it has 3 other folders and several documents.
    The 3 folders are

    -thumbnail(Actual drawing is here as a .PNG)

    Other documents in this folder are...


    What exactly is this folder used for? I can't find any information about this folder what so ever.

  • It's the auto-saved state of the most recent documents you were working on. Yes, the folder names, including that really long UUID, are randomly generated. Like every other "registered" material in CSP the actual data is mostly obfuscated. If they can be imported/opened as files I haven't figured out how to do it. I suspect they're only used internally by the program to recover a document's work state if the app crashes.

    The documentfolder.txt will show you the path to the folder with the actual .lip/.clip file(s), but not the actual file name. The PNG is just a snapshot of the actual document's saved state. The .zip files are not actually ZIP archives. If you extract them it just gets you a .cpgz folder. Extract that you get another .zip, in an endless circle. The .dat file is an SQL database that has some of the same tables, but not all of them, as a .lip file (those are SQL database files too). Basically nothing in these folders is of use.

  • I see , that makes sense . Because there are already two back up file folders , I thought it had something to do with the "Anonymous usage data log" function. Thanks!