Trying to draw with Wacom Intuos Pro Medium and nothing shows up on the canvas

  • I've been watching loads of tutorials and I'm trying to use my Intuos Pro Medium to draw on the canvas and no matter what I try nothing shows up. No lines, no marks, not a thing. My mouse makes marks on the canvas but the pen and tablet do not. What am I doing wrong?

  • Go to File>Preferences>Tablet. Try other tablet services to see which one works. On a PC I think you're supposed to be on WinTab for Wacom but if that doesn't work - try TabletPC. If you're on a Mac, there are around 6 services you need to try to find one that works.

    If that doesn't solve the issue, you may have to reinstall the Wacom drivers.

  • Thanks! Putting it on the 6th setting seemed to do the trick.