Rendering Text Props in other fonts

  • Many years ago (my archive shows me 2007!) I used to regularly post my renders and used an image generated in GraphicConverter or PhotoShop from text in my preferred font containing my name and the year. I'd use the image as a transparency mask on a scaled square prop parented to whichever camera I was planning to render with. Every year I'd have the middling-tedious task of remembering where I'd filed the image and update the prop to use the current year's image.

    Today I was trying to find a tool to watermark some recent renders, when I remembered playing with the text prop in Poser Pro 11. Rather than fumble in frustration, I thought I'd read the manual first (Poser is generally intuitive enough I don't bother). Woe and alack!

    The manual says:
    *You can use text props to add labels to items in your scene.
    You can create Text props in Poser Pro only, but they can be viewed in both Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11.
    Text props can also be used as control props (discussed further in “Using Control Props” on page 286). Text objects do not appear in renders.

    "Well, there goes that plan", I thought. Then it occurred that I looked at the properties of the text prop, and Lo! the checkboxes for visible in Raytrace and visible in Camera were both unchecked! Perhaps a quick raytrace preview would show the text prop if the box was checked?

    It does, indeed, and the main renderer will also render a text prop (at least in SuperFly, so far as I've tested). Huzzah! I suppose I'd better check the SR logs to see if that functionality was specified as being enabled and just didn't make it into the manual update before I report to SMS.

    The next question was could I possibly use my preferred font rather than the three, limited choices supplied with Poser Pro?

    (On MacOS Sierra) Under /Applications/Poser 11/Runtime/fonts, I find two .ttf TrueType fonts and one .otf OpenType font, matching the choices Poser Pro presents in the Text Prop dialog. Can I add another from my /Library/Fonts folder? Yes I can, though Poser Pro only recognises an addition to its fonts folder on restart, so now I can embed a watermark directly into my renders right in Poser Pro. Woo Hoo!

    Of course I don't have enough privileges to upload an image, why would I think that would ever be possible, grrr ! I have to upload a FILE
    0_1500394619350_Zapfino Text Prop Render.jpg

    I assume that the same procedure will apply with appropriate Window-specific directories on that platform as well, though I don't have means to test that without stuffing about with license cruft for Poser Pro 11 on my Windows 10 Bootcamp partition, which gives me untold trouble every time Apple upgrade their OS, of course.

  • @anomalaus Interesting, as I've never thought to add my copyright directly in Poser. I'm just so used to doing it in Photoshop.

  • @Miss-B exactly. A post-work process brought into the main renderer should be a great time-saver. At least for those of us who suck at post-work ;-)

  • @anomalaus Now I'm wondering if I should just model a 3D prop version, but then I'd have to remodel it to update the year. Hmmmm, maybe I'll stick to plain text for the time being. ~wink~

  • @Miss-B I've just posted an old image to the Firefly renders thread (pretty much haven't used FF since I got the hang of converting my shaders to SF, but still miss micro-polygon displacement) in which I still fell back to Photoshop to create the watermark and layered it over the old .png before saving it as .jpg to fit the image size limits of this forum. Having saved the watermark (which has a separate, editable layer for the year) as a .psd in a (hopefully) logical place, I'll look for it next January to update, now that I'm posting more renders.

  • You could also add a watermark to your render inside of Poser by using the Postwork Manager script by Semidieu that is in the Partners folder in the Scripts drop down menu. You just change the logo.png in the Postwork Manager folder in the scripts menu. Here you can see I've changed it to the 'Rendered in Superfly' logo.


  • @raven Thank you Raven!! I never knew that existed. Of course, I add another, and sometimes 2 other, bits and pieces to my renders, so I would have to create it as one PNG, and drop it in that folder.

    Hmmmm, I'm definitely going to have to try that out. ~smile~

  • @raven I'll add my thanks to @Miss-B 's. I'm sure I'd seen the Postwork Manager menu item and thought (erroneously) "I don't do postwork", but that's certainly a streamlined method for adding a watermark with variable transparency, scaling and position. Cheers!

    It's still useful to know that you can add arbitrary text to renders in the font of your choice, even if it's not subsequently editable or animatable as far as the text content goes. Hello neon signage!