How to create vignette?

  • Hi! I've been searching fruitlessly across the internet and forums for the answer to what seems so simple in Photoshop. Is it possible to add a vignette to an image, something like this image? The closest I've come is the Gradient tool with foreground (black) to transparent. However, if I put Edge process to the default "not repeat", the middle will be black instead of the outside of the gradient box/circle. If I set it to "inverse", I'll get the edges dark as I want, but also the middle as well.

  • There are several ways to do this. here is one....

    a) draw a rough selection around the area in the middle you want to keep.
    b) invert the selection
    c) create a new layer above your image
    d) go to menu item Selection>blur selection and set it to something big e.g. 150 pixels
    e) now click the fill icon on the selection bar to fill the vignette area with your chosen color ( usually black or white)

    You can record b to e as an Action and then it will be even easier and quicker in future.

  • Thanks for helping me out!