Pen tool issues with Bezier correction

  • So I quickly learnt I prefer the old Manga Studio style Bezier curve over the spline (which seems to give me quite ugly bends and angles when I do fast, flowing lines).

    But I'm getting two problems .. First, if I use the Bezier curve with Starting and Ending > Brush Size > Start 50; End 50; Adjust by Speed tick .. I don't think the Start & End effect works at all .. I switch to spline correction, and I get very sharp lines .. Switch to Bezier and I can't tell whether the effect's on or off.

    Second, I keep getting spear-shaped lines .. Particularly when I do fast lines, or flicks, the line seems to double taper .. So I get a line going from thin to thick – no problem – then it tapers to thin, then bulges out just near the end and tapers to thin again .. Not a constant problem – I can draw okay – frequent enough that it's a nuisance .. And I recall seeing someone else get it on a Youtube video.

    Additionally, does anyone know if the old Manga Studio 4 works with OSX Sierra? I love all the painting features in CSP, but for simple B&W inking, I think MS4 had the perfect pen tool.

    I'm using a MBP with Sierra, latest CSP, Wacom Cintiq and Intuos.

  • I would only use Bezier on the Curve Line tool. On an ordinary pen/brush I never use the " post Correction" settings ( e.g. Bezier ) because I hate that I can draw a line and then randomly its moves someplace else..... why would anyone want that ? a Nice line smoothing can be achieved with Stabilization setting alone... and its instant rather than post-processed. The only time I might use the post processing would be if I only had a mouse to draw with.

    Again, given you have Cintiq /intuos, I am surprised at making so much use of starting and ending width settings.... once again these are useful if you use a mouse...but with a pressure sensitive stylus why not use the pressure settings for the brush size. BTW... have you switched on the Velocity setting for your brush size ? if so I suggest you switch it off as it could interplay with your Ending setting to give you the arrow head effect you are getting.

  • Well in the old Manga Studio 4, Bezier post correction was the only correction (afaik), and it's really good for doing hair .. I'd have it Adjust by Speed, so when I'm drawing slow lines it does nothing, but fast lines it's getting me away from a sketched look, so I can draw two intersecting strands of hair very cleanly – like using Curve, but with some dynamics.

    Completely standard for Manga artists, who still all seem to use MS4 .. Similarly with Start and End, by Speed, it's there to create sharper tapers when you need them. (e.g. hair strands again – it avoids that nub I might get when pen hits the tablet then swipes down .. can give me a line that goes thinner than 1px, so it breaks up a bit – which I like at 600dpi).

    I get the bullet/spear lines with or without any of those settings .. Really what I'm trying to do is get the Pen tool as close to MS4 as possible .. I'll double check Velocity on brush size.