FBX Bones

  • In Max I import an FBX and see bone names called x,y,z and when I import the same FBX into Poser 11 the bone names are a,b,c

    In Max the model is fine, animates etc yet in Poser its obviously corrupt and a mess. I don't believe its an axis orientation issue either for the corruption.

    Any suggestions?

  • Another thing I notice if I just select the bones in Max and export those and import the FBX into Poser the groupings when expanded show the correct bone names.

    If I do a full export of the model the groupings when expanded show different names

  • Are there different versions of FBX export from the source program ? (I don't have Max, so don't know). I recall some time ago there was a stand-alone FBX converter which had many different versions of FBX files to convert to, so I am asking. I never can tell which version is to be used with Poser. I think generally, there is not enough information about FBX import for Poser.

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