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  • As some of you may have heard or read elsewhere, I'm currently in the midst of collecting and compiling a directory of vendors who make content native to Poser. Sorry, DSON doesn't count. Right now, I'm trying to suss out just how I'm going to organize this thing. My current intention is simply to list the categories of content, and place the name of each vendor under the category for which he makes content. So a vendor's name may appear under several different categories. I may even include a freebie category for creators who aren't in stores yet or release on freebie sites like Renderosity's Freestuff and ShareCG.

    I'm currently combing through stores and websites trying to find the names of these creators, and I'd like some help. If you know of a creator who's been left off the list, or if you are a creator who makes native Poser content. add your name or theirs to this thread and site mail at Renderosity me a link where i can find your page or store.

  • One more thing: This is a list of creators for poser that Smith Micro lists on their website as having content already included in Poser. I know some of them are no longer living, have retired or are retiring, and some have just moved on to DS only, etc. If you happen to know the current status of some of these people and how i can find them, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance.

    Biohazard, boundless, Danie & marforno (DM Productions), DarkEdgeDesign, DevilDogStudios (Brent Bowers, Christopher Haigood, Wayne Martell, Vik Sorensangbam), Dead Reckoning, Dimension3D, Don Albert, Esha, evg3dren, HDR-VFX llc, Jay Koelzer Illustration, Jennifer Greenlees, Kamilche, Karanta, Kozaburo Takahashi, Lady LittleFox, Letterworks Art Studios,, Meshbox, MindVision-GDS, Nerd3D, Olivier Vinet, PhilC, Pixelwarrior, Rhiannon, royloo, RuntimeDNA (Colm Jackson, Eric VanDycke, Syyd Raven), Shaderworks (Basil Gass), Sixus1media, VanishingPoint (John Hoagland, Barry Gibson, Ed Wright, Gunpoint-3D, Helgard de Barros, Al Reed, Panos Coliopoulos), Zygote, YURdigital

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    Have you seen this page? Made by English Bob?
    The whole site is worth a look, but here the page with the content links.
    Poser Links

  • @vilters Thanks Tony. That should be very helpful.

  • @eclark1849 I sent you an email, Earl.

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    Technically I may count?

    Most of my Poser stuff is at DAZ:

    but there may be some older stuff, like the walk cycle for Deb's elephant, still at renderosity (where I am Who3D)


    Cliff Bowman

    PS at DAZ "Puppeteer Presets", "V4 Animeted" and "A4 Animeted" as well as "Genesis to Poser CR2" probably don't count as none of them is exclusively geared towards Poser (DS, MIMIC, MIMIC, and DS/Poser).

    PPS oops - looks like my elephant walk and whatever else I had for Poser have become extinct, so

    is of less use than I thought

  • @cbowman Wow, Mr. Bowman, long time no see! Hopefully, you're jumping back in the Poser pool?

    You're the person who actually taught me how to rig in DS. Remember when the Figure Setup Tools first came out and you did the online tutorial?

    Yeah, we all gave up in frustration because of the bug in the Tools that made them crash just as we got all the work done, but we kept at it until it finally got the bugs out!

  • @cbowman For what it's worth I'm not leaving anyone out simply because they're a vendor at DAZ. If I can find links like yours to Poser only content at DAZ even better. I have another thread over at Hivewire on the same subject,

    We're discussing ways to let people know if a vendor has both Studio and Poser products.

  • @Glitterati3D

    I' having a bit of trouble retrieving my mail at Yahoo, Traci. I'll get back to you on it.

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    @Glitterati3D said in List of Poser Vendors:

    @cbowman Wow, Mr. Bowman, long time no see! Hopefully, you're jumping back in the Poser pool?

    That's the plan! I'm reminded to check on how things are going, with recent updates (e.g. responses to Mantis bug reports). I've loved Poser for a long time (though technically I didn't love v1, but from v4 onwards... definitely a fan).

    Hoping to keep more up-to-date,



    PS oh yes - I remember the Figure Setup Tools. I actually bought the tools for that thread, because so many people seemed to be having difficulty with them and DAZ documentation had a way of not helping people to achieve their goals as much as one might hope. Didn't get me any love from DAZ though, curiously.

  • I haven't actually figured out everything about this yet, but I could sure use some help tracking down vendors who have created Tutorials for Poser. Mostly this directory will be for vendors who sell things Although I will have a spot for freebie vendors as well. I'm not sure what to do about vendors who put out You Tube videos. I suppose they are freebies, but I don't know.

  • I sell my Poser models in my site,

  • I sell through my own site at, and also through Content Paradise and Vanishing Point under the artist name "Theschell". Some of my products can also be found through Vanishing Point at Renderosity.

  • @theschell I already had adh3d, added to the list, but it was from his Renderosity store. I'll make sure I correct that info.
    theschell, I'm glad you posted as I didn't even have you on my radar yet, despite seeing your work all the time.

  • @eclark1849 Hi, I sell in Renderosity too, but in my site there are some models I only sell there, thanks you anyway.

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    Sadly most of the tutorials I've done over the years have been freebies on-forum... and I have discovered that doing it that way is a GREAT way to have the tutorials vanish forever when the forum gets a makeover! Ah, well, I learnt - put it on the market, it'll stay available much longer!

  • Like Adh3d, only certain parts of my catalogue are made available for brokerage sales, the majority of my products are sold exclusively through my own site...

  • @adh3d No matter. I can link to the site you prefer.

  • @eclark1849 Thanks, my site them :)

  • @adh3d Might as well ask. What type of content would you say you make for Poser? I need a category to put you under.