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  • @baginski My final decision to delete the links was based on a conversation I had with someone at Hivewire. However the first allegations were alluded to in a thread I started about the directory in the Poser forum at Renderosity. Check out the second page of that thread, and the post you are looking for was made by someone named Wolf 359. Note my answer to them then.

  • @baginski said in List of Poser Vendors:

    I see your point Earl but it still doesn't seem fair.

    He's under no obligation to be fair by anyone's standards but his own. Also, asking for proof is a good way to extend any misinformation about it, meaning you aren't doing ForRender any favors by asking for 'rumor mill'.

    When was the last time you heard of a court case or police investigation into any bad faith or probably law breaking in the Poser or DAZ Studio community? There are high costs that go along with that, so most just stick with DMCA takedown notices and word of mouth, because that is what the law makes affordable to most creators.

    There is a whole lot of ripping off, copying and violating that happens in hobbyist focused markets. I see that a lot less in Poser focused communities than DAZ focused communities, and I believe that happens more so because there is a cost of entry to Poser.

  • JUst made few changes on the site and posted my new blog for this week. Hope you like it.

  • @eclark1849 Just read it Earl, and I found it concise and to the point. You were able to express what you wanted, without getting too carried away. I liked it.

  • @Miss-B Thanks Miss B.

    Our animation section, found in the Poses Category, has been opened, but is still under construction. The links do work, but please excuse the mess.

  • @eclark1849 I'm sure you'll get it cleaned up and orderly in short order.

  • @Miss-B I keep finding new sites. Interestingly, a lot of these are mocap , bvh and fbx file sites, and they're either stupidly expensive or free. A LOT of them are for free.

  • @eclark1849 Free is always good. ~wink~

  • @eclark1849
    Hmmmm, I haven't bothered with Renderosity in ages since I got tired of the mud slinging, general abuse and excrement thrown around by someone there (I PM'd you about it).

  • @baginski And I answered you.

  • I promised you all that this directory was going to be dynamic and I'm striving to keep that promise to you. For the last few days, I've been searching for links to add another category of Poser assets to the directory. Animation files. Initially, it was only going to be a small subsection in the Poses Category. Online it is currently that way now. Offline, where I work these things, I've just added a link to the index page, which means my nice neat buttons rows are all uneven now, but that will link to the new Poser animation category page, which, for now at least, will be broken up into Animals sets, People sets, and Mocap, BVH, and FBX files.

    As always, I'm open to suggestions if you want to have something added to, or deleted from, the directory. Even though I tend to read this forum pretty much everyday, for other reasons, if you do have a thought you'd like to not discuss online, the directory email address is

  • I found PoseAmation today on Content Paradise. I honestly thought they had gone out of business years ago. I remember when they were selling animation sets on DAZ years ago. They have one on CP for the original Millenium Dragon.

  • Just added the new animation page to the directory. Fair warning, there are links to an adult site, but it is clearly marked.

  • In case you guys haven't figured it out yet, I'm constantly searching the web looking for Poser content which i will then list in the directory. Just want to let you know that it took me a little while, but I found out where YURdigital went when they closed their online brokerage a few weeks back. I found them in the revamped Content Paradise store selling, among other things the P.I.C.K. Sci-Fi Base which features:
    48 Individual Components (3D Models)

    • 14 Base shaders
    • 16 Preset shaders
    • 31 Screen textures
      Full Documentation and a Users Guide.

    My only complaint is that I ran across the set by happenstance. Too bad really. I had just made a similar purchase over at Renderosity, and could have actually have save myself some money and gotten a more configurable set in the bargain.

  • @eclark1849 I have a number of the P.I.C.K. pieces that I purchased at RDNA back in the day.

  • More news from the directory front. I'm going to be adding a new category, although I haven't quite figured out what that will be called just yet. What's more, this category won't be exclusively Poser either. I'll be listing modeling programs, paint programs and UV mapping programs in this new section. Anything that will help you start off to creating 3D content, preferably for Poser, but as I said, not exclusively.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    If you plan on a directory about content creation/improvement, you might add my YouTube video tutorials to it.

  • @vilters If it makes you feel better Tony, I do plan to add videos to the Tutorials category, especially the Smith Micro webinars.

  • @eclark1849 More news from the directory front:

    Microsoft officially retires the Kinect Camera:

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