List of Poser Vendors

  • I suggest adding 'Superfly Content' as a category? Because not all vendors support already Superfly, and customers may be searching especially for this?

  • I'd second the idea of adding a "Figures" category separate from the Morphs/Characters one...

  • @eclark1849 said in List of Poser Vendors:

    @Deecey Wouldn't that fit under Materials and textures?

    Well, I guess you could say all Shaders are Materials, but not all Materials are Shaders. Very often all you need is a Diffuse, Spec (if needed) and Bump/Normal map to texture an object. I wouldn't call that using a Shader, so it might be useful to have a separate designation for Shaders, especially if someone's looking for something specific like water, mirror reflection, metals, etc.

    Just my 2¢, FWIW.

    Edited to Add: I'll second the suggestion for a SuperFly Content category, because it's still too new, and a good many folks haven't gotten into creating materials for SuperFly as well as FireFly, as not everyone has upgraded to P11/PP11 as yet.

  • @Miss-B Yeah, but adding a Superfly content category would be rather time consuming to put together, unless the content makers are going to start making the notice more noticeable and prominent on the product pages.

  • @eclark1849
    Content creators who would like to be listed for providing Superfly support can just drop you a note to inform you about it and kindly ask for being included in that category? After all, we (content creators) benefit from such a list, I don't see why it should necessarily be YOUR duty to find and describe them all. Once the list is established with initial data you have collected, it should be in everybody's interest (creators as well as customers) to keep you updated with information, so you shouldn't be forced to 'deep investigate' to find really everybody? We (content creators) should be grateful enough that the list exists, and assist you with it even in our own selfish interest, not true? :-)

  • That could work.

  • "Biscuit's Exclusive Vendor Sale!"

    Biscuit's store at 50% off for three days only! Starting now through 11:59 pm (cdt) Tuesday, August 1st.

    Maybe I should run ads when I get the website up and running. :D

  • @eclark1849 Please don't. Nothing I hate more than ads on a web site (other than those relating to the site in question's products).

  • @Miss-B No promises, but I'll think about it.

  • @Miss-B you said '(other than those relating to the site in question's products).'

    But this is how I understood the idea of probably running ads, and I find it a great idea. He talked of 'Biscuit's store at 50 percent off for three days' and this gave him the idea of probably running ads.

    And I find the idea not bad, because it could increasy the number of visits and bring the list more to life. If it were just the list, I would look at the list every once in a while when I search for something specific. But if I knew that it is also a central place for cross sites vendor advertisement (Poser related, of course), then I would most likely drop in more frequently or even on a regular basis.

  • @Bytefactory3D Well, as I said, I will think on it. I'd like to know what Miss B thinks about having vendors who have a sale going on have a small sign or sales tag beside the vendor's name with with a quick announcement like 50% off sale: and clicking on the sales tag would take you to the vendor's store. That way, the ads are small and unobtrusive, and the vendors make more money.

  • @eclark1849 OK, I guess I need to clarify my original statement. Having ads that relate to the site's products, or in the case of your list, the vendor' s sites/products in the list, are fine.

    What I don't like, and I see often in some forums and stores, are ads to non-3D related products that have absolutely nothing to do with the 3D community. One in particular is smack dab in the middle of the subforum links on a main forum page, and it makes the page jump every time I exit one of the subforums to check new posts in another subforum. Drives. Me. To. Distraction.

    Why a store or forum would need those types of ads is beyond my comprehension unless, of course, the store in question has an affiliation with the other site, and earns points (or cash) every time someone clicks on a link to take them to the other site. Still. Drives. Me. To. Distraction.

  • @Miss-B Well, unless someone wants to pay me a buttload of money, that's not what I had in mind. :D

  • @eclark1849 Sure, Meshbox is alive and selling through Content Paradise. We also are moving our catalog over to Mirye Software, a sister site. This will also mark year 12 of using Poser to help out the NORAD Tracks Santa project.

  • @meshbox And which site do you wish to be linked to?

  • @eclark1849 said in List of Poser Vendors:

    @Miss-B Well, unless someone wants to pay me a buttload of money, that's not what I had in mind. :D

    Glad to hear it Earl. ~wink~

  • @Miss-B SAD to hear this, I wish someone could pay him a buttload of money, haha...

  • 19 categories so far and counting. I still have a lot of coding to do, and compiling the vendors under the correct category, but I'm going to try and put up a temporary site in a day or so to let you guys and gals have a sneek peek and taste of what's to come. I'd sure like your feedback, but please remember I'm no where near finished.

  • @eclark1849 Look forward to seeing what you've compiled.

  • Hey guys, would space ships and flying saucers fall under vehicles or sci-fi and fantasy?