The Poser Low Res Male

  • @vilters I like what I see !!

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    It took 4 hrs to completely repair/rebuild the obj file, and adapt the shader setup to PhysicalSurface.
    It was still the default Lo Res Male this morning. LOL.

  • Here is another example of what one can do with a Poser 2 figure in Poser Pro 11.

    Figure on the left is the default Poser 2 low res figure.

    Figure on the right is the same figure with subdivision set to 3.

    0_1500842103810_LoRez Poser 2 Female-sm.png

  • @ssgbryan I can't seem to get the subdiv button to activate for me - is this the setting accessed through the Parameters tab ?

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    You have to select the figure, then goto Figure and set skinning method to Unimesh.
    Then the SubD button will become active.

    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters AH ! I see.... Thank you. No matter how many years I've used Poser, the details elude me at times !

  • I have been working on several versions of Cycles Surface cel-shader trees, based on Shunsuke Irie and Sanne's cycles shaders. I refined the Ikemen character morph futher. I have also created clothing (using the Developer Object provided with Poser). Not all the clothing are shown here. Here are my results. Short Layered hair by Mr Maya, with custom cycles surface cel shader by me. Lighting also by me, to suit the NPR shaders (Non-Photorealistic Render). Compositing done with Fotor app.


  • Variations of my Ikemen morphed Poser Low-Res Male figure, to generate characters for Visual Novel Otome Game in style of Japanese versions...
    3rd-party content credits (now used for example renders only, not intended for final renders):

    • Bottom Right - Hiro Free Hair by 3DZone, with custom Cycles Surface shader by me.
    • Top Left - Sky Hair by Swam, with custom Cycles Surface shader by me.
    • Top Right - Nana Boy Hair by 3DZone, with custom Cycles Surface shader by me.
    • Top Right - Sera Glasses by Mazuso, with custom Cycles Surface shader by me

    My hair geometry:

    • Bottom Left - Beng Hair modelled in Shade3D by me, with custom Cycles Surface shader by me.

    All renders were done using SuperFly and Cycles Surface shader trees.


  • @ibr_remote I hope you won't be offended. I mean no disrespect, but merely indulging my idle curiosity, but why the fascination with the Lo Res male recently? I mean, why not use a higher density mesh like Paul, for example?

  • @eclark1849 Animation potential - use less memory. Hopefully !!

  • Made the conforming jackets today -
    Using Shade3D and the Poser LoRes Male Dev OBJ, I created a jacket in two versions - open and closed. In this example, I used a 3rd-party hair and applied my own Cycles Surface cel shader tree to it. Poser LoResMale Ikemen morph by me. Three-Fourths length pants and Ankle Boots - modelling and Cycles Surface cel shaders by me. Posed by me. Rendered using SuperFly renderer.

  • @eclark1849 also, use less processing power during animation rendering; important for low and mid-level computers.

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    Hi Earl, I can think of many reasons to use the LOW Res Male and Female. LOL

    • They have very few errors and are easy to repair. (But they DO need repair before use.)
    • They are MR figures, so free to distribute modified or unmodified.
    • And they are easy on memory.
    • And they render in the blink of an eye compared to other figures.
    • And they are extremely easy to cut-up; reglue, morph, texture, you name it, they can do it.

    Nah, they are no V4-M4 replacements, but for medium distance to background work?
    They are among the best of the lot. (after repair that is)

    Hell, why not, That might be a "fair" next project.
    Repair and distribute some fixed versions. Not my personal figures, but the fixed originals.

    M,mmm let me sleep over it.

  • And I think that if the style you are after is smoth surfaces with outlines, geomety with little detail has less probability to have details that cause troubles. Less detail in the geometry may be better.

  • Smaller version of my upload at my deviantart page:-

    So I posed my Ikemen morphed Poser Lo Res Male, and used SWAM NightStar Hair and PCat Guitar with my cel shaders for Cycles Surface. I also created the vest today using Shade 3D. The background is a shader node pluged into the Poser Background node. Yes, I realise I did not give him a guitar strap.