How to make a symmetry from a already created image?

  • The symmetry rule is very cool but it is restricted to painting. For any other kind of edition as move selection etc symmetry is not possible. Is there any way to do it? For example a macro that takes the left half of the image and mirrors it to the right? If I draw an eye and I want to move it a bit to the left I can, but symmetry will be lost.
    There are external plugins for doing this in Photoshop, even they are not real time they are very useful.
    Obviously I can select the right side, flip it, move it and paste. But this is time consuming and I'm looking something more automatic, even if it is not real time.

  • Record a simple Action that does

    1. copy
    2. paste
      3)edit>transform>flip horizontal
    3. merge with layer below

    now to do a quick symmetry just use the rectangle selection tool and draw a rectangle where the central cross-hair is on the wanted symmetry line. then run the action.