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  • @vilters Actually, Tony, I don't know why but I usually expect a company like SM to let it's customers know what the heck is going on. If it hadn't been for a chance mention by Chuck Taylor in a recent thread, I wouldn't know anything about it. I thought that was the whole point in having a blog. And even then, I DID have to go digging for more information.

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    @eclark1849 said in Question for the Ambassadors...:

    ...I DID have to go digging for more information.

    Someone compelled you?wry eye roll

  • @seachnasaigh As a matter of fact, yes. Chuck mentioned that the development team had all been canned. Although, I knew that Teyon Alexander had been let go, I did not ask why. My upbringing doesn't allow me to pry into other people's business, like that. So when I stopped hearing from Chuck and others on the dev team, I didn't really think anything was wrong. So when Chuck mentioned the team getting canned, truth is I was worried that Poser was going away, so I started trying to find info on what was happening.

    You can check out this thread at Hivewire for that:

  • Let us face it, companies seek offshoring to control cost all the time and some at least do very well afterwards.

    A simple search on gives a clue why:

    Example: Job title: Senior Software Engineer:
    Salary in US :USD 107,330.- per year average
    Salary in Portugal: EURO 26,500.- per year average; (= USD 28,900.- appr)

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    This info on the dev team is all news to me... I have been out of touch lately for many reasons.

    That said - in answer to benchmarking - I have tried a few times, but as there are no official scenes with Poser for such, it becomes a question of cross-comparing between other scenes of other developers with similar setups. Other 3D tools I have come with pre-made benchmark scenes and comparative stats from various computer setups so all you need to do as an end user is load one up and run the scene to compare the end results. I think Poser Pro at least should consider adding something similar (a few preset scenes for benchmarking) so that Devs, Testers, and end users can all have a standard of comparison if needed.

    I have, in past, looked in to specific errors or issues brought up by Users and tested myself to reproduce them, and report results as needed, and file reports as needed in the past. I went through a lot of trouble finding an exact specific solution to 32/64 bit AVI codecs, for my own needs as well as others, which I had tried spreading through numerous sources, but to this day I still see this same issue being reported as not functioning correctly on 64 bit machines and my answers are lost to the internet (Deleted from Daz3D and RuntimeDNA).

    Also, for some reason, last year I stopped seeing forum replies from here in my email at Yahoo, but now that I switched I am getting them again. I just need to remember to check my Gmail more often.

  • I like the idea of benchmarking scenes. Especially, when someone as talented as Bagginsbill goes to work on creating a texture, or a light set up. The main problem I have is that I may not have all the props and figures in the scene, so I'm already operating at a disadvantage when BB is trying to explain to me how he got something to work. Generally, if I know I have all the ingredients, I can usually follow a recipe.

  • @kageryu @raven already provided a test scene that uses stock Poser props and figures for benchmarking. Look for the thread on here started by me.