The Poser Med Res Male

  • Another Dorkie-Derp male figure from Poser, turned into Ikemen guy by me. (Ikemen = good looking guy)

    The Ikemen morph from the Low Resolution Male transferred across without problem. Since this is a Medium-Resolution mesh, I refined the face and body further. For this test render, I used Poser's SydneyG2 Hair2 and changed the shaders into my toon shader tree for the Cycles Surface. Rendered using SuperFly. I am using SnarlyGribbly's EZdome with HDRI from Dan Meye (aka smashmethod / Fictional Head) .


    This next render was before I improved the face shape:-


  • So, now I fitted the Poser default content items Freddy Shirt and Gramps Pants, to my customised Poser Medium Res Male. I used Fitting Room, Cloth Room and morph brush. I also set up Cycles Surface toon shader trees for these items, to render with SuperFly renderer.

    Here is a test render of the clothed Med Res Male Ikemen , moving closer to use inside Visual Novel Otome Game.