Poser-Pro-Lo-Res-Female meets Poser-Pro-Lo-Res male.

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    Both modified by me.

    • Fixed some obj file errors, and made completely symmetrical.
    • Removed the default eyes and replaced with lower resolution eyes/cornea's.
    • Removed all what was inside the mouth.
      Extruded back of lips inwards to create new inner-mouth.
      Extruded gums from inner-mouth, extruded teeth from gums.

    The female now is at 6.381 verts (Including hair and boots) She also has her complete texture remapped and reworked.)
    The male comes in at 5.989 verts. He was still default this morning. His creation to this took something less then 4hrs

    Loading and rendering.
    Load the obj files at crease angle 180° (Scenefixer can do that automatically for you)
    Set SubD to level 1.

    All; Have their materials set to Physical-Surface.
    All; Have only 3 mat zones : Body, lashes, cornea.

    • Body texture loaded at GC 2.2
    • Lashes texture loaded at GC 1.0
    • Cornea does not use a texture.


    PS : I don't use the Poser-Pro-Medium Res figures.
    They used the same texture anyway.
    And using the tips above, the Low Res figures are simpler to rework and give a better result.

    Have fun using the Poser tools.

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    Well, the female started some 5 years ago from the Poser-Pro-Lo-Res female, but she has been opened and cut up so many times in Blender by now, that I don't even care to remember all I did to that poor mesh. LOL.

    Her layered texture is Krita.

    • A Base skin layer
    • Some eye layers
    • Some brow layers
    • Some nipple layers
    • Some "cosmetic" layers

    Simply combine the ones you want and voila, an instant diffuse texture.
    Bump and "shine" are build inside the PhysicalSurface nodes from the base diffuse texture that is now at 8.192x8.192.

    The boots (with morphs) are integrated in the figure, as is the hair (with morphs)

    The hairs / lashes are on the same transmap. => Why complicate the "simple things". LOL.

    Ok, I am off now, going to build some more morphs for the couple.

  • Brilliantly done, Vilters!

    I love low poly figures, as they allow real-time animation (at least at the rates that I use, that is, 12 fps).

    Nice job!

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    When the morphs are done, BOTH will become FREE figures for all to enjoy.

    Being Low Polygon, they are not intended for close-up work, but great as background figures.

  • That's very generous of you - considering it took time and energy to do these !