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  • With attention for older figures being in the air this summer maybe some reconciliation for the lost daughter ...

    Poser 5 Judy appears sort of ripped from the family album. My entry in the poserverse was with buying Poser 5, and Judy was my character of choice at the time. It was a shock she did not make it to the Poser 6 content 'because of lack of space on te CD'.
    Not sure why she was dropped the way she was. Maybe she was too well equipped for the adult market, caused embarrasment.
    I take her out of storage from time to time. Give her a feel of the day's possibilities.

    ***=NSFW content***

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    (V3-mapped version with 'Sally' skin; 2-levels subdivided; Superfly shader from EZSkin3; out-of box P5 pose; PoserPro 11 default lights )

  • @F_Verbaas Poser 5 is one of three versions of Poser I do NOT own. 1 and 3 b3eing the other two. Still, I never saw what people liked about Judy. To me, she's one of the worst Poser figures ever released and that's saying something.

  • Oh I remember Judy and how exciting it was to wait for P5 - Traveler was making all the morphs, she was the new Posette (Vicki or Millennium woman was not at all appealing) and we were getting a revolutionary Poser with rooms!

    I really enjoyed all the addons for her too. If you're interested Yamato made a character called AnAn or NewJudy - you can see his stuff here but download from here

    I don't know if any of the stuff for her can be downloaded but you might want to try this Just click on NewJudy.

    3Dream also made a character full of morphs for her and surprisingly I just checked and she's still available - so there is still a market for her! Eternal Judy

    And you can grab my face presets for EJ here

    You might already have all this since you say you started with P5 in which case just ignore. :)

  • Quarker's Farrah is also worth getting if you want to use Judy more. She's on clearance at Renderosity:

  • @englishbob said in The back ewe:

    Quarker's Farrah is also worth getting if you want to use Judy more. She's on clearance at Renderosity:

    so starnge. I had that in my wishlist at renderosity years ago and they stopped selling it. I guess it's back???

  • @englishbob Ok , it says not available so, yeah, still a dead and gone morph.

  • @ghostship Apologies for that. If I sign out of Renderosity, the button that says "purchased" when I'm signed in now says "unavailable". Should have known better... ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Since this render involves some nude wood ...

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  • And this is AnAn R4 (I also have R2) aka New Judy. Eternal Judy is a different figure.

    Kozaburo's Long Hair has been fitted to her. And she also owns a small wardrobe with clothing either made for her or adapted from other figures. Almost everything if not all by Japanese creators.

    The bikini in the render came without morphs so I applied Posers' "copy morphs" which works very well for this piece of clothing.

    0_1501129512717_an an.jpg

  • And this is her most elaborate outfit, the "Idol Dress". Which also exists for Aiko 3.

    0_1501155336036_anan idol.jpg

  • @DarthJ Yeah, I have that outfit. Aiko3 has always had some of my favorite Poser outfits. Wish I was good enough to model stuff like that for Roxie and Pauline.

  • Yamato, Bat, ISOP and many others made many great outfits back then. I got the top, jacket and boots from their costume festival and the skirt is a dynamic one for Judy that came with P5. This was a quick render but just wanted to show how much better Judy can look now with EZSkin, subdivision, new shaders and hair. Oh and I did modify AnAn a bit to make her look slightly older.0_1501199370640_AnAn.JPG

  • The kawai (=cute) Idol dress is nice but Anan wears other outfits too. She awaits you in the basement for some entertainment.

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