Enhanced / Filmic-Dynamic Range in Poser Superfly?

  • I have just take a look into the general settings from Poser, but can not find any hint on Dynamic Range and Color-Space.
    Does Poser support enhanced Dynamic Range like described in this Video?
    Where is the hidden switch?

    There is also a description of the issue with the dynamic range here:

    In Blender this file can replace the original color-management. Did anybody try this with Poser?

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    For FireFly, you can get a filmic response - turn on Tone Mapping in render settings. However, the only parameter it has is the Exposure settings, but generally speaking this is going to do it.

    I guess we'll have to wait for this to appear in SuperFly, although I cannot understand why it was not in there from the beginning. Tone mapping has been around a long time.

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    I wrote about how (with some additional work) you can do this with Poser using two-stages. First you render your scene and save as HDR or EXR format. Then you re-render the scene as a 2D billboard using FireFly.


  • You really explained the topic in its full details. That was a lot of work.
    We can just hope the Poser-Team will implement it soon, so there will not be such workarounds needed any more.
    "Superfly" is really below "state-of-the-art" about this, while FF can at least make "HDRI" optimized Output.
    Colorspace ... dynamic range ...
    This looks to me like a basic design issue which should be solved asap.