What are your biggest issues with 3D animation?

  • Hello all,
    My name is Rob and I work in Product Development for Ikinema. We are really interested in engaging with the developer community and want to understand the key challenges you face in 3D Animation brand explainer video.Maybe it's rigging? Poor quality MoCap? Issues animating non-humanoid characters?

    Whatever it is - I want to hear it. Hopefully myself or one of the team here can help.


  • Well, Rob, MotionArtist isn't 3D animation software, so there's no 'key challenges' in rigging or MoCap etc. I've seen this same post on other animation forums, so I'm guessing that, while not spam exactly, this is just an 'infomercial' for your company. I'm not sure what the moderation policy is in this forum, but I'd be surprised if you got any business here anyway.

  • I didn't have any issue at all, because I worked with 3d animation service and they took care of everything. But as far as I know, our developer had some problems with the animation of our logo and the main character we use as a symbol of the company. It has its own appearance and special character. But he was super professional, so our video ended up being just amazing and brilliant. Maybe you should work with them to understand ;)