Character Generator (Online?)

  • I have just tested the
    thats a GUI which you click some "I like that" Pictures,
    and move some sliders, and at the end you get a figure.

    The idea is good, imagine you could make this "free for anybody" and
    it will export some formats but best format for Poser.
    So it would be an interesting idea for advertisement.

    This concrete Site from Autodesk is just an example.
    The selection as well as the quality of the Output are not "state-of-the-art".

    BUT the Idea behind, "to just click some buttons" and
    "what you see is what you get" is a good way to go.

    An Poser-Implementation of such a thing, where i can click pictures from very different types of persons (unlike on that site) and then a Deep-Learning onstruct will "design my final figure" would be interesting.

    Theoretically this could also be online, usable with a valid Poser-Licence
    or other only-WEB Licence.

    Anyway the selection must be "from real life" to "Model Quality".

    This Autodesk site seems only to have a very limited human Model.
    So there is room for Improvement.

  • The company behind the technology was Mixamo - Adobe bought them in 2015.

    It reminds me a bit of n-sided quidam software from 2007 - which was quite fun and much like Poser but alas vanished into oblivion...

    There old mixamo site is still up for now.

  • Adobe have turned Mixamo into Fuse CC, it is currently in beta and still free... for the moment.

    I would prefer Poser have the capability to take any FBX exports from these sort of sites and be able to 'Poserise' them as needed.

  • I have used their generated figures in Poser Pro 11. Fairly usable, but with the free account version, not able to get high-resolution textures. ManuelBastioniLabs add-on for Blender3D also generates human figures, which can be exported to Poser.