Extreme Battery Usage

  • On my laptop, I was just looking at my "Battery usage by app" part of my settings and saw that Clip Studio Paint took up 55% of battery in the past 24 hours. Funny thing is, I don't remember even clicking on the app once in that time, maybe even longer. Obviously, this is far from desirable. Is there a way to make the program use up less battery life? I've been having battery troubles for a while now, but I really don't want to uninstall the program to see if it will improve.

  • Presumably, just ensure that it is not a running task, when you are not using it. If the program is left idle—but running, who knows what processing it might continue doing? (Polling the tablet interface is what comes to mind...)

    If the application hangs or crashes... but remains an active task, it might conceivably still be hogging resources. More than anything, I would think just ensuring it is not active would stop all use of the the system by Clip Studio / or Clip Studio:Paint.