Use Yon/Hither to create depth of field in Preview renders

  • I'm doing animation and in Firefly I render only 25 frames or so at a time because Poser and my machine tend to crash if I try and render a clip with more frames, so I have to carefully make a bunch of passes and stitch it together later. Much of this work was just to get depth of field effects, and if I didn't like the results, I'd have to render again. Rendering replacement frames also is a given as some just need to be redone.

    Yesterday I came up with a method for myself after watching this:

    But by using yon and hither, I can bypass the steps in that tutorial and just do slices with Yon/Hither ranges. I made three passes animating a long dragon so I could have his head sharp, mid slightly blurred, and aft more blurred. I just did the blurs in Hitfilm as I was making my scene, and in this method I can make clips as long as I need, and just render each slice I need as a separate pass, and then can adjust each one individually in real time to adjust color, dive it a subtle depth cue or whatever else is needed. Anyhow, this was a revelation to me yesterday and the results look really good. I can't tell a seam exists and viewers certainly wouldn't notice. It is way faster than the posted method I reference or using Firefly.