How to automatically crop away transparent space when exporting?

  • I have a largish 1920x1080 image that I'm using to paint buttons for an app. The buttons themselves are much smaller, typically around 128x128 and are each on a separate layer. I'd like to export each one of these layers to a separate file. At the moment, I'm ALT selecting the button layer so only it is visible and then exporting it to a file, but when I export I get a small button floating in a huge empty 1920x1080 rectangle.

    Is there a way to tell Clip Studio to automatically crop to the size of my button when I export?

  • There is not a switch for that ...out of the box... but I will tell you how to record an action that will do this and speed up your process. note that if you have a stack of pages open this will work best if your button file is the one on the rightmost page tab. select your top button layer then go to the actions palette create a new action and click the record button .... now do this...

    1. Alt click it to show only the layer
      2)Layer>selection from layer>create selection
    2. edit>Copy ( or CTRL C )
      4)Selection >Deselect ( or CTRL D)
    3. File> Create new from clipboard ( this is going to create a temporary page of just that one button)
    4. save or export the new page of just that button in whatever format you wish
    5. close the temporary page ( returning you to your original page)
      8)Layer>Change Selected Layer>layer below

    then stop the recording.

    Now you have an action that you click to run and it will create the first button in just its own size ... save it ( prompting you for a name) and then return you to the layer below ready to run the macro again.

    Hope that helps.

  • The action above can be simplified a little.

    1. Alt - click the layer eyeball
    2. Create selection from layer.
    3. Export Single Layer. In the dialag box select output range - selected area.
    4. Layer Below.

    It's an extra click during the exporting to export the selected area but you wouldn't have a new canvas open for each button.

  • @garlam I don't see any option for 'Output range - selected area'. Is that just for the upgraded version of the software? (I'm using Clip Studio Paint Pro).

  • 0_1501093608207_output.jpg

  • Yeah, that drop down does not appear on my export settings dialog.

  • @kitfox I checked the manual. It's an EX feature. Your best option with PRO is to use the steps given by 888toto.