Layers/ import to another project

  • i would imagine this is quite simple.. basically what i'm trying to do is take the layers from one project to another, but as project files rather than an image.
    I'm doing some comic bubbles and to begin with have drawn them on a sketch version of the comic. Now that I have the proper image to be used I want to bring the same speech bubbles over onto the new background so i can edit them to go better with this.
    Hopefully this makes sense, thanks

  • If I understand correctly, you may just want to drag your layer into a folder in your Material Palette (create a new folder for such things). Then all you have to do is drag that layer onto whatever canvas you have open.

  • Are you just asking how to copy layers to another page... if so then you select the layer or multiple layers in the layers palette ( using shift and Ctrl with click to select a group of layers)... then CTRL C (copy) and then on the new image /project click CTRL V (Paste) and it will paste them above your current layer.