What's not useful in Poser?

  • Just wondering if anyone has opinions about features that aren't useful. If SM was going to clean up Poser, what would you have them remove?

  • @h.elwood.gilliland Metaballs. :)

  • the face room

  • @h.elwood.gilliland Please explain WHY it's not useful.

  • First, if you create a texture using the texture tools in the faceroom, it won't match the rest of the body. Most of the figures that do have face room compatibility have very few many morphs and they just from nothing to exaggerated too quickly. And once you send it to the pose room, it seldom looks like it did in the face room. And forget the photo lineup tool. It's even worse.

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    The faceroom could use a complete make-over.

    • The textures => Exactly, they do not conform to the rest of the body at all.

    • The photo-line-up dates from a period where screen sizes were 640-480 or just above. We have 4K monitors in 2017. => More then time for an upgrade here.
      Open the faceroom on a 4K monitor and look at the "lost" space

    • The texture "control" points. Too few and too far apart. You have little to no control.

    Upgrade the whole faceroom or get rid of it.
    Blender replaced it some years ago with morph tools and texture painting tools including photo projection and repainting.

  • @vilters Thanks for the information. I actually don't want any constructive criticism in this thread, just help identifying stuff that is completely orphaned / useless. I plan to start a couple of other threads later on once I get my official "POSER TEAM" tag, to explore thoughts on improvements. I have already recorded 168 possible changes based on reading the other threads. If your suggestion (or anyone else's who might post on this thread) appears in the "Make Poser Great Again" .. I don't need to read it again, I've already cataloged it for research.

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    The hair room.

    Like the faceroom, it dates back to Poser5.

    How many actually "use" the hair room on a daily basis, and get decent and reproducible results?
    "As it is", and we are in 2017 after all, it is more a "hit and run room".

    Hair room, remove or bring to 2017 standards.

  • @vilters Is this because you do it another way?

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    Figure => Figure Height.
    This old function only works on Poser 4 (or older) figures.
    You can choose from ; Baby till Heroic Model, but it only works on Poser 4 or older figures.

    P11 comes with scaling and "Match Centers to Morphs".

    Some of these obsolete functions can safely be removed.

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    Sure, everybody returns to geometry hair as a prop or figure, or even hair created in the cloth room because the current hair room is so "end user unfriendly, and most of all it is unpredictabe.

    And there are a lot of bugs in the hair room, like kink is calculated AFTER the simulation. => This puls the hair back INSIDE the head after the hair simm has run.

    => Most of these hair room bugs are in Mantis. (I think, I have at least 5 Mantis reports for the hair room alone.

    (Also some Mantis Reports fro the faceroom too.)

    Logical : All these date from Poser 5 and have not seen an update while other apps moved on.

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    Figure => Genitalia

    Another function that can be removed because, well honestly, I have never seen it in actual use. => None of the modern figures call for it.

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    Scripts :

    In Scripts you have 2 that can be merged (or separated but better documented then)

    Build Meta Data
    Metadate Builder


  • @vilters The hair room could be improved. And it could be useful or things like grass. Blender's hair "room" would be great in Poser.

  • All of my freebie characters were created initially in the face room. Ergo, by definition, the face room is "useful."

    0_1501192677093_Oichi No Makeup.jpg

    0_1501192704739_Heroine Zawati.jpg

    0_1501192728151_Zhao Ji Portrait.jpg

    0_1501192770564_I am Paulette 2.jpg

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    The hair room needs updating, not removal. Fix the bugs and add better tools to create hair with and more people will use it.

    Same with the face room. Update it, don't remove it. Give us the ability to make our own figures faceroom compatible.

    Same with the cloth room. Update it, don't remove it. Allow cloth presets (denim, silk, pvc, etc)., to be stored, so that they can be quickly applied to new cloth items. This should have been done years ago. Adding real time cloth simulation the way other software packages do would make the cloth room a lot more useful for a lot of folks.

  • The truth is, a lot of the features that are in Poser are very useful, or could be.. If people aren't using them or using them more it's because they simply don't know how, or those features are either difficult to use or difficult to achieve the desired outcome. As someone famously once said, "The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome."

  • As other people said before, the hair room must be updating, for speed and easy way of using, not delete it.

    The faceroom would be useful if we can use it for any figure by default, I mean open a figure, "import" it to faceroom and use it, without spcial files...

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    Is SM going to clean up Poser? Is there a specific intent from the dev team?

    I ask because IMO the most important thing for Poser is to get a core rewrite.

    Failing that there are various things that could be added to improve the feature set, but I can’t see any reason to spend time & money removing features unless their removal would actively improve Poser. Plus a forum is only a small section of the user base, so it would seem prudent to consult a wider set of users before stripping features out.

    On the rooms - Hair, Face & Cloth - AFAIK they are third-party code. As the rooms have not had updates since their inception (that I am aware of), it would seem likely to me that the Poser team are not allowed to touch the code due to licensing restrictions.

    So the rooms would either stay as they are or go completely (personally I could say goodbye to Hair & Face, but not Cloth). Also tough to sell a new version with reduced functionality ;)

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    @caisson said in What's not useful in Poser?:

    On the rooms - Hair, Face & Cloth - AFAIK they are third-party code. As the rooms have not had updates since their inception (that I am aware of), it would seem likely to me that the Poser team are not allowed to touch the code due to licensing restrictions.

    If licensing is the reason they haven't been updated then I agree they need to be removed and replaced with something that the dev team actually has control over. This is the problem I have with using 3rd party licensed add-ons. If you can't modify the add-ons then it eventually becomes a hindrance that holds back progress. Not too long ago I tried looking online to see if I could find any information about the company that created the cloth room, in order to see if they had any more recent versions of its functionality and there is no trace of their existence online. That tells me they are either now defunct or have been bought by someone else.

    Dynamic cloth and hair are a couple of the key features in Poser that help it to stand out from its competition, so more development needs to be put in those areas. Removing them completely without a better replacement would be rather detrimental at this point.