What's not useful in Poser?

  • @nakedfunn_ I've never had a problem raising or lowering the intensity level of a light with the dials. Still, I wouldn't complain if they were replaced with sliders.

  • I'm not for the hair room being removed - it just needs an overhaul so as it works properly - for the first time since Poser 5, the other day I found an old RDNA hair that actually draped without intersections and also obeyed gravity, so the basics are there just needs a lot of improving.

    I also would be careful about what is stripped out and "dumbifying" (is that even a word?) Poser so as you end up with something akin to D|S with just click and render options, the extra rooms are what makes Poser "Pro" compared to D|S.

    But I don't have a problem with removing that mutant cat that's been there since heaven knows when.

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    @F_Verbaas I sense the irony. Kudos.

  • @piersyf Same here. I rarely use any dials, preferring to just type the number in. Faster, cleaner and easier if you ask me.

  • @tastiger Agree entirely.

  • I'm another who thinks the hair room should stay. Yes, it's difficult to style hair and collisions are hit or miss but it's far from worthless. The hair can look very good. (thinking adorana's hair) and in superfly, it renders faster than transmapped hair.

    A small thing I think is left from the poser 4 days is the color bucket on the tool bar. Sure it still works, but is there a lot of use for it? I think most of us use the mat room for that these days. Also, the head lengths guide and the head and shoulder guide don't seem to work.

  • @piersyf said in What's not useful in Poser?:

    Seriously? Click on the field and write the number in... exactly the same as Blender or just about any other software. I haven't actually used a dial in years, nor do I use sliders... they are just as inaccurate as far as lights are concerned.

    I have to agree with you and Traci on this one. I always type in the number I want. I've always done that in just about every 3D software I've ever used. As far as the sliders, I use Joe's (Netherworks) Slim Parameters Panels, so instead of the dials I just get small right and left facing arrows, one for increasing, and one for decreasing. I only use those where I only want to increase a step or two.

  • @Glitterati3D @Miss-B I use the dials when posing. It helps with the small changes and I can see the limb moving into position.

  • Walk Paths (curve props) are currently less useful than they should be. The curves are parameterised as splines with control points, yet the control points can only be adjusted manually by dragging them in the GUI and can't have their positions set numerically from the Parameters tab. They do get saved with poses if parented to a figure, but aren't exposed to Python as a separate prop type (they have a unique actor type name (curveProp) but can't be distinguished from ordinary props by python, nor are the control points exposed to python, so parametrically generating a perfectly circular walk path with tangential start and end controls can only be done by creating a temporary file and loading it as though from the library to set the control points.

    The other feature the Walk Designer and walk paths desperately need is stair adjustments. It's all very well to have a sloping walk path which follows the general curve of a flight of stairs, but there is no supplied adjustment (tweak) to apply a constant change to the feet bends to follow stair treads, rather than a sloping walk path. I know that such things could be done with animation layers, but there is a specific tool for walking which should have that feature integrated into it.

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    @eclark1849 Re: Cycles; When was the announcement made?

  • @h.elwood.gilliland Hey, thanks for that. I had never seen that site before.

  • @ghostship said in What's not useful in Poser?:

    @Glitterati3D @Miss-B I use the dials when posing. It helps with the small changes and I can see the limb moving into position.

    I can relate to that, but I've never been able to get those "small" changes when using the dials. Whether it's because I use a Wacom Pen/Tablet rather than a mouse, I don't know, but the dials always gave me changes way too much, or way too little.

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    For me also Face room is useless. Never use it.
    Hair room I like, but need really an update. It is now pretty outdated and slow. But please don't remove it. Update it.

  • The Face room is useless for me also. I haven't used it since James and Jessie were new.

    And the Hair room isn't useless, it needs work...it has such potential. I agree it needs an update or some serious reworking. First time I used it since 2007 was last year with the Hivewire gorilla. That was also the last time I used it. If Poser's hair room could produce realistic results like a competing product I won't name (see what was recently done with the Hivewire cat, for example), I'd use it often.

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    Thanks for playing! Don't worry, we're not going to rip features out just because someone said something in this thread. The purpose of this question was to get feedback - sometimes asking "What should we improve?" doesn't get all of the data.