What's not useful in Poser?

  • @AmbientShade Frankly, I'm stunned that Poser would add code that it had no control over, although now I can understand why they fought so hard against adding Daz tech to Poser to allow Genesis to work.

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    @eclark1849 Next time you have Poser opened, look at the About screen. You'll see there's a long list of 3rd party add-ons that comprise the current tool set. It's an easy way to add features to a program without having to design your own code. There's nothing wrong with that as long as that code is licensed in such a way that allows the free modification of it. Sometimes that happens, other times it doesn't. When you're stuck with code you can never modify then you might as well not use it at all. Otherwise as it ages it holds you back.

    Poser needs to focus on features that help it stand out from the (growing) crowd. This isn't 2005.

  • Looking at the add-ons dynamic cloth looks to be by size 8. Dynamic hair isn't mentioned. It's possible it's in the open source section listed under a name I can't identify. But if that's the case, open source would mean they could change it, couldn't they?

    Of course, there's no reason they have to keep using the old code. They could create their own dynamic cloth simulation. As long as it can drape any geometry (like now) it won't break old content. At worst, people would have to redrape old scenes, of course, they have to do that now.

  • Content is in serious need of purging or updating to more modern standards.

  • @AmbientShade I've advocated Poser adopting Blender's Hair and animation tools. They're open source anyway.

  • For me, the Face Room and Hair Room are not useful as they are. Others have already mentioned what can be done to improve the Face Room.

    I'd like to see the Hair Room redone to include support for doing polygonal hair strips (with transmaps to represent hair strands). I've found I prefer working with that over the more recent trend of fibermesh hair (transmapped hair renders faster, easier for me to morph and tweak). See 3D Coat which recently added the ability to create, edit/style transmapped hair.

    Get rid of the Sketch Designer. It's also useless. I've tried and tried to produce something useful out of it, but it's a waste of time. I was hoping it could be useful for comic book renders, but the results often are not helpful. The Geometric Edge Lines feature is closer to what I wanted from SD but Poser still needs to add the ability to generate cross-hatching in order to produce something that really comes close to a comic book look. Perhaps a new Sketch Designer could offer the cross-hatching...

  • @eclark1849 What Metaballs? (unless you mean metadata?) Poser has never had native metaballs, and since Wierd Juice went into permanent stasis, even their plugins no longer work with the currently bundled python.

  • @eclark1849 said in What's not useful in Poser?:

    @h.elwood.gilliland Metaballs. :)

    Precisely, the lack of metaballs is not useful at all!

  • These are the only few things I've never really used much in Poser, and I wouldn't miss if they were gone:

    "Figure Height" and "Genitalia" from the Figure menu, as these commands belong to obsolete figures.
    It really only changes the Display Guides Heads Length markers.
    It would be great to have a tool to apply proportion scaling to a figure, but "Figure Height" really doesn't.

    The Face Room.
    Anything I've ever needed to do with a figure was either attainable through its own morphs, morph brush or magnets.

  • Honestly and frankly speaking: Face Room, followed by Hair Room.

  • I've never used hair room, but do use face room to "uglyfy" figures when I need a figure with more character and so would really miss it, but agree it would be much better if the textures were applied to the whole figure.

    Genitalia is only one small item on one menu and hardly clogs up Poser. I still use it occasionally with figures like Behemoth 2 which I still use.

  • Dynamic clothes room works relatively well, it can be improved without a doubt, but it works, perhaps what it needs first, is an easier way to save simulations.

    The biggest problem, in my opinion, with the hair room is that is too slow and hard to get good results.

  • I use both the Hair and Cloth rooms daily. Remove either and I may as well just switch to DS. I certainly would see no reason to upgrade to a new version of Poser if either were removed.

  • @anomalaus It was a joke. Fbs7 keeps asking for it and I keep saying we don't need it.

  • @noobalien As long as they keep adding those figures to the Poser download, then they're going to keep those commands. Want to get rid of something? I own Poser 4 -11 with the exception of version 5. At least remove the old figures from the Poser downloads. If anyone really wants or needs them, put them in the store or just make them an optional download.

  • @eclark1849 thanks, I did sense that was your intent ;-)
    I feel the need for metaballs deeply ;-), so was quite inspired to bite at the obvious bait, ha!
    If the postgrad/PhD project that was Weird Juice had left their code in a .pyc, I certainly would have decompyled it by now, but I can't even emulate the OS that would allow it to run on my current hardware.

  • @vilters re: Build Meta Data versus Metadate Builder

    The question is "Is one legacy?" If so, it should be marked as such.

  • @fbs7 If there are no Metaballs, then that isn't something we could called useless & orphaned or obsolete.

  • @h.elwood.gilliland Geez, people it was a joke!

  • @eclark1849 @fbs7 @anomalaus
    Metaballs is an effect created in 2D or 3D that simulates a "lava lamp" like liquid.