Help! Huion H610 Pro and Clip Studio Paint Pro issue

  • Greetings,

    I recently purchased both Clip Studio Paint pro and a Huion H610 Pro. They tablet has its driver installed correctly. It works on Word, Paint and

    Clipart Studio is installed correctly. The mouse can draw on it.

    I've gone back and forth between Wintab and Tabletpc driver in the setting. I've exhausted all the options in the CTRL K menu.


    The pen will not draw on Clip Studio Paint Pro.

    Please help.
    Thank you,

  • I wonder if your having a driver conflict. I'm no expert but I'd go into explorer and remove all tablet drivers, and then reinstall your new one.

  • I have already deleted and re-installed drivers a few times.

  • Hello! I've worked with a lot of non-wacom tablets over the years, including those by monoprice, huion, and now yiynova. Couple of things that are important before you move on.

    1. Did you have any other tablet drivers installed, particularly wacom, before installing the current huion ones? The main problem is that all parts of old drivers, like some .dll files don't get removed even when the drivers are uninstalled and can cause problems with your current setup. There are ways to dig into the system and manually remove those dll files, but I can't recall currently.

    2. Did you install the huion drivers prior to plugging the device in? If you plug first, windows will install it's tablet drivers and again, can cause havoc with your current set up.

    3. Do you have the latest working drivers from the huion site? Self explanatory, but worth checking.

    In the worst case scenario, you may have to reinstall your operating system. I've had to do the same before. That being said, I'm suprised that you are having problems with clip studio paint. Traditionally, only sketchbook pro has given me problems with updates, etc. But, who knows what is going on right now.

    Here is a fairly exhaustive link for alternative tablets and the trouble shooting that you can do. Lot of info, but very helpful. Particularly with all the other things in windows you can change to potentially solve your issues.

  • Hi! I'm using a 1060 pro, and this may be a silly question to ask but apparently it happens a lot, do you have a setting like this that you can fiddle with?

    ***driver options image***

    click to show

    Flicking on or off the Tablet Support option can help in some cases.