Poser 11 SR7 is available

  • Running the downloader / installer as an admin (if at all possible) should get rid of non AV install issues.
    as for the AV, there is usually a way to pause them temporarily (usually with a time limit option or an until reboot option) or the ability to add certain programs to an ignore list. There is also the ability with a good AV to report false positives.
    Either way, SM can't; nor should they be expected to code for every AV out there.

    I Scanned with IOBit malware scanner, no threats found, scanned with Kaspersky total security, no threats found.
    Installed with no problems ( windows 10 64bit ) Runs with no issues.

  • @richard60 said in Poser 11 SR7 is available:

    The problem is it is an end user issue. Where I work they have tighten up security so that nothing can be installed into the Programs Folder. Downloaded a firmware update for a project on a piece of AV equipment and the installer failed, because it was trying to write a file into the Programs Folder. Switched users and logged in as a Local Admin and was able to install the file. Same thing with a copy of program updates, unless I am logged in as a Local Admin nothing gets placed into the Programs Folder. Currently people can place and run programs outside the Programs Folder. However, because of all the Malware/Ransomware, I predicate that soon no program will be allowed to run unless it is in the Programs Folder. And the only way to install will be that you have to be logged in as a Local Admin.

    My software was installed as a user not an admin. It has received every SR as they came out. They were installed as a user. Not an admin. All updates to my Poser install will be as a user. Admin privileges are supplied as necessary.

    I have written software since cobol and fortran were the way to go. I am in complete understanding of UAC as it applies to Windows and can easily apply the update by disabling the AV software. On an isolated system I have done so.

    Being logged in as admin will not solve the issue. Disabling the AV will if you trust the file enough to do so. Disabling AV software is not something most corporations are willing to do for a simple software update.

    If SM can write 6 SRs for this product that do not require Anti-virus software to be disabled; there is no reason why they can not do so now. There was a suggestion that we as users should contact our av suppliers and inform them of a false positive. That is not my job as end user. The fact that more than one of the most popular av products block the install should be of interest to SM.

    As I have mentioned before. There is nothing wrong with the SR. It is the package delivery system making calls that have users on more than one operating system concerned about the safety of the product and the stability of the SR.

  • @parkdalegardener But the question is - is it reasonably possible for SM to create an installer that doesn't give a false positive with ALL av's ?

    As can be seen from the posts many of us have had no issues with the update - the fault must lie with the AV not the update and turning off your AV for 5 minutes doesn't mean the sky will fall.

  • I have Poser on a completely different drive and Avast still won't install the update. The problem is the updater looks for your program file first and only asks where your installation is when it can't find it in the program folder. I'm guessing Avast doesn't want the installer looking in the program folder at all for some reason.
    I'm running Windows 7 Pro. To install the update I turned off the router, turned off the Avast shields, installed the update, turned Avast shields back on, started the router. It took 2 minutes total, but shouldn't have been necessary. Also reported to Avast as a false positive.
    I ended up ditching the paid version of Avast because it insisted on running EVERY product installer through its sandbox. When rebuilding a runtime, that could have added weeks to the installation process.

  • @piersyf

    Just curious. Do you still have the SR6 file handy? I'd be curious to see if Avast does the same thing for SR6. If it does, then you can probably deduce that it is Avast. If it does not, then that would point to something in the SR7 installer.

    Just a thought.

  • @Deecey

    No, but I was using Avast when SR6 came out and it installed with no problems. Since then a few changes have occurred:
    I had to reinstall the OS, and currently I have UAC active whereas previously it was turned off.
    I had full admin privileges before, now I have a separate admin account and I use a user account to use the system. I had a virus that installed itself with full admin rights, so the current set up will at least warn me if something like that is attempted again.
    Avast may have changed the program.
    SM may have altered the way their updates load.
    I don't think UAC would trigger a warning from Avast.

  • @piersyf
    Yeah but SR6 came out quite a while back, which is why I thought it might be good to test to see if it might be related to a change in Avast or if there is something else going on.

    I use Malwarebytes and Windows Defender on Windows 10, it installed without issue here. One caveat I probably should mention is I installed the full installer and not just the updates, in case that makes any difference.

  • Re: Poser 11 SR7 is available

    Hey guys,

    We know of the Avast issue, and as far as we know up until now, we can't do anything. Avast uses a very specific heuristic for updates that always tracks up with our updates. As we deemed unsafe to be tailoring our update system around a specific AV, we are not looking into the issue for Avast, but you can trust the warning is a false positive.

    Although, if you have similar issues with other AVs, please report them so we can get them sorted out.

    Best regards,


  • @piersyf Just out of curiousity (mine) has anyone contacted Avast about the situation to see if they have a solution?

  • @eclark1849
    Not directly as such, only lodged a report identifying the SR as a program update from a trusted source and that the warning was a false positive.

  • @jmartins
    Unlike some other posts, I'm far more annoyed with Avast than with SM.

  • Has the update been updated? I ask as I had downloaded SR7 ( and now there is a new update in the DLM,

  • @raven I just checked, and I'm also seeing the same new release number.

  • I'm not 100%, but I think we have already established contact with Avast to establish it as a false positive.

    You are actually seeing a new release number, as the Apple certificates changed, but weren't in vigor in time for the release, and there were some warnings, so we released a new build with updated certificates. Nothing more was added.


  • @jmartins Thanks for the FYI, especially on a Sunday morning.

  • @jmartins
    So 33999 is the same as 33971?

    I've got 33971 running smoothly on iMac and OS Sierra.

  • @willdial said in Poser 11 SR7 is available:

    @jmartins Thanks for the FYI, especially on a Sunday morning.

    Thanks from me as well, as that's good to know.

  • @jmartins
    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated to hear something from the company.

  • Dear Poser Team,
    Could you please stop breaking stuff with the release of a new SR?

    System Info: (4,1 MacPro; OSX 10.10.5,; 32Gb ram, ATI 5770)

    I can no longer double-click on an item and have it show up in the scene (Yes, I have the preferences set up that way. Yes, I have checked again.)

    It works until I save something to the library. Once I save something, I have to drag everything from the library over to the Pose Room (and insure that the correct item is selected.)

    So far, I have only saved items in the scene folder. I am saving via the + icon, so I get a thumbnail to go with it (I am sure there is a good reason that when I use the Save As from the drop down menu, I don't get a thumbnail, but I can't think of a reason.).

    Thanks again for the update.
    Oh, and if it isn't too much trouble, could you add what SR 7 updates/fixed in the installer? You know, like the past six SRs were done.

    Thanks for all you do.....

  • @ssgbryan said in Poser 11 SR7 is available:

    Oh, and if it isn't too much trouble, could you add what SR 7 updates/fixed in the installer? You know, like the past six SRs were done.

    ... other than what is in the first post of this thread you mean?