Paid conversion from DAZ Studio 4.9 to Poser 10 (non-pro edition)

  • Hey everyone, I have a client using Poser 10 (non-pro edition).

    He wanted the Genesis 3 characters for his training animations. So, I created the scene, character, clothing and animation for him in DAZ 4.9.

    We have tried all tutorials, forum suggestions, etc. in vain to get that DAZ scene into his Poser 10. He is also computer-challenged...

    I would like to pay someone to walk me through how to get my scene and character from DAZ to his Poser 10 (non-pro edition = cannot import FBX).

    I have US$ dollars here for the first person who can successfully teach me how to do this!

  • @glennsan I would just download Willdial's and lululee's Utility from Renderosity and use that to get G3 into Poser.

  • @eclark1849 Thanks for the suggestion. I searched Willdail and Lululee's products. I found a tutorial from Lululee for how to import Gen 3 directly into Poser 11 without using DAZ. Unfortunately, that won't work because the client uses Poser 10 and doesn't want to upgrade...

    Was there another specific Utility that you had in mind? Do you recall the name?

    Thanks again!

  • @glennsan Sorry, I'm out of my element now, but maybe you can contact Willdial or Lululee and one of them can help you. Frankly, you might try getting him to upgrade anyway as Poser 11 is really cheap now.

  • @eclark1849 Thanks, I sent a message to Lululee. No answer yet.

    Who knows how to import a Genesis character into Poser 10...?

  • @glennsan said in Paid conversion from DAZ Studio 4.9 to Poser 10 (non-pro edition):

    Who knows how to import a Genesis character into Poser 10...?

    Use the DSON Importer

  • Here is a link to a Youtube video that will show how to get Genesis 3 into Poser 10/2014. Unfortunately, the expressions will not work.

    Genesis 3 has bones in the face for expressions. Those bones have weight maps on bends and the transitions (X, Y, Z) Poser 10 doesn't have the ability to put weight maps on transitions.

    Poser 11 does have the ability. My free updater that gets the expressions working is available here. A webinar video that goes through the steps is on Youtube.

  • Thank you all for the helpful info! I will pass these along to my client, and hopefully that will solve it!