Custom Brush Shape for Vector

  • I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this answer and can only find things about brush tips not brush shapes. I like to use the VECTOR Continuous Curve Spline tool to do all my inking but it's getting too time consuming and frustrating to use the Correct Line Tool to get the stylized line I want. I just switched to this program from Microsoft Expression Design as they are discontinuing it. In Expression Design, you could make a brush shape and set it to repeat so the pattern would repeat for the whole line length or you could set it to not repeat and the brush you created would just stretch the length.

    Here is my example from my old program

    So far I have not been able to repeat this with any luck. I have tried making a brush tip, but when I try to recreate the above, all I get is this. A stroke that doesn't stretch and just repeats the image. I have tried changing the Repeat settings in the brush tip, but to no avail.

    I think I have figured out what I need to do but can't find any info on it. Under the Continous Curve Spline settings, there is Brush Shape. For some reason under my menu they all appear as if they are blobs. When I use the tool it works properly just doesn't display the thumbnail properly. It seems like if I want my vector brush to behave the way I want it to then I need to create a new Brush Shape.

    I cannot find any info on it anywhere. Adding a brush tip is something different. If anyone can tell me how to make a custom brush shape and add it to that little menu for vector use or how I can make the brush tip to behave like my example I would be eternally grateful.

  • CSP doesn't do the sort of thing you're looking for (laying down a stroke image along a vector path). It stamps a brush image or you can make a brush with a ribbon but that won't give you what you want. Instead, you can try to use the starting and ending correction found in the brush's Sub Tool Detail Palette.

  • @artbychrissyclark For the record I don't use CSP, however, Smith Micro has a blog and it tells you how to make custom brushes fro CSP. Hope it helps.

  • Affinity Designer does what you look for. top nav

    I have used it as you want. There can be a downside to it with very short strokes if you use a long brush stamp/pattern


  • Create a black rectangle up the page about 10 times as tall as it is wide. Use that as the image for a brush which you set to Ribbon mode ( on the stroke tab). now go to the "starting and ending" settings for that brush and set it to "Brush size" "by Percentage" and set both starting and ending to about 30..... I think that will do it.

  • @888toto THANK YOU! It totally worked! I was sooo frustrated. This program is so customizeable I couldn't believe it wouldn't do this. I can't express enough gratitude.

    Thanks for everyone else who also chimed in. I super appreciate it.

  • @888toto Find that tip very usefull! Thanks!