differences between manga studio ex 5 and ex 4

  • what are the differences between manga studio ex 5 and manga studio ex 4?

  • Manga Studio 4EX is the English version of Comic Studio while Manga Studio 5 EX is the English version of Clip Studio Paint. Celsys is the program developer while Smith Micro is the distributor of the English versions. Smith Micro has now gone with the CSP branding and done away with the Manga Studio branding. It made sense early on to maintain the Manga Studio branding despite having two different base programs simply because Smith Micro built a name on Manga Studio (and both programs are used to make comics) but when Celsys released the English version of CSP it became confusing and muddied the branding.

    MS4EX and MS5EX (CSP now) are two different programs. CSP is much more illustrative providing a very good brush engine for painterly works. MS4EX is much more focused on producing black and white comics (although it does have limited color capabilities) but since Celsys has discontinued the development of Comic Studio (in favor of developing CSP) it's pretty much abandonned software. The features that make MS4 such a good program for making comics have now been brought into CSP. Some things are not similar yet. There are no layers of different resolutions in the same file in CSP, for example.