I run a Poser render on an Android Tablet. LOL.

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    Well, the render just finished, on the Tablet.

    I know, I am cheating. LOL. But it is extremely useful.
    Or put Blender on the Tablet and have Poser on the desktop.
    Or use your Android device simply as a second monitor.

    Download Spacedesk for PC and Tablet.
    Install Spacedesk on the PC. Spacedesk for PC
    Install Spacedesk on the tablet. Spacedesk for Android

    Run the app on the Tablet, Click "Connect" and your PC just got a second monitor.

    The documentation is here : Spacedesk Documentation

    Have fun guys, this is a very useful tool.
    You can connect as many Tablets as you like.
    I am running a main PC screen and 2 tablets as "extended screens" for the moment... LOL.
    Poser on one, Blender on the second, and tapping along here on the main screen. LOL.
    This is FUN !

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    Each runs at its own native resolution, so all is true pixel clear, and they work as fully active monitors, where you can write or work on, just like on the "main screen".

    • One tablet at 1920x1200
    • Main screen on this PC is 1920x1080
    • And I just connected my Phone to test at 1024x768 pixels.

    It all simple works.
    Ha, this was written on the tablet.
    And this is written on the Phone. LOL.

    See ya, off to bed now.

  • @vilters So cool, saves us a ton of dev time!

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    Nah, nah, nah, Don't bug out. LOL

    I am cheating,
    It is the PC that's simply driving the tablet as a second, or third, monitor. LOL.

    Multiple monitors, even using Android devices.... LOL.
    The only requirement is that they are on the same WiFi or LAN..
    (And there are certainly other apps, with other options out there...)

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    lol no thanks. Give me a full size desktop with as many gigs of ram as I can cram in that beast and 2-3 large displays.

    I don't even have a laptop anymore. Had a macbook 'pro' and it burned up after about 18 months, and the most it ever ran was world of warcraft. Can't even imagine what hell a tablet's processor would go through trying to run poser or zbrush.