Can you drag and drop a texture in Poser?

  • Just wondering. Lest say your're in the Pose Room, and you want to change the texture of a pair of jeans from khaki to denim. Can you drag and drop the texture you want to add without having to go to the Material Room?

    Or let's say you want to add an HDRI source to the Construct or even /one of the Domes Snarly uses in EZDome. Drag and Drop?

  • Yes you can.

  • @Glitterati3D Cool. I knew you could change the diffuse color that way, but not the texture.

  • @Glitterati3D said in Can you drag and drop a texture in Poser?:

    Yes you can.

    How I can't get it to work dragging from the finder Mac to the figure no change.I get the plus sign like it is going to drop the texture but no change on the figure.

  • @uncle808us Just hold and drag to the figure. Works fine for me, but I'm on Windows........not sure if that matters.

  • The question should probably be clarified as to whether the item being dragged is a Material pose which applies a texture from the Poser Library or actually dragging an image file, whether .png, .jpg or .tif from a Finder window (in other words, from the Filesystem of another application) into Poser. I can't imagine Poser will have any idea what to do with a .jpg file. If the current figure has a texture with multiple image maps, which one should the texture apply to by default? Diffuse channel, Specular or Bump channels?

    If I perform a drag of a .png file from a MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Finder window onto an M4 figure's Body in Poser Pro in the Pose Room, Poser's Action Bar turns Yellow and says "Load File". When I release the trackpad/mouse button/end the drag, nothing happens, as I would have expected.

    If, however, I drag the file to Poser's Material Room, with M4's 2_Torso material selected, the action bar shows 'Create Node'. Dropping the selected file here does exactly what was proposed, and creates an Image_Map node with the dragged file pre-chosen as the Image Source. Of course, the node is not connected to anything, so you don't see any change on the appearance of M4's torso. Connecting the image_map node to the Diffuse_Color input of the FireFly root node shows the selected image as the Torso texture, but those subsequent actions are not relevant or warranted by dragging an image file to a figure in the pose room, which expects .cr2 character files or .pz2 pose files and can actually handle .mt5 or .mc6 material files and prompts the use for which material of the figure the file should apply to. But a .jpg file? No way, José.

    However, I will concede that that is what I see happen on MacOS. If Windows does something different, good luck and all bets are off!

  • And, in Windows 7, I just dragged an MC6 skin texture file and dropped it on Dawn. It loaded perfectly.