How to adjust mouse wheel zoom levels?

  • Thanks! The default setting scale steps are agonizingly small.

  • No, ... though I really like the small steps. Obviously you can set the zoom level steps in File>Preferences>Canvas But that does not affect the zoom levels when using the mouse wheel....well, actually it does a bit. The mouse appears to go up or down in steps that are 10% of the current size... but if in shrinking or growing it passes a defines zoom step ( in preferences) then it stops there as well..... so if you have less defined steps in preferences it will reduce the steps with the mouse... a bit.

    Personally I like the small steps and if I hover the cursor over the zoom slider control in the navigator palette... the wheel then steps in really tiny 1% steps..... which I guess would drive you crazy

  • There is a way of doing this by adjusting your modifier.

    Go to File>Modifier Key Settings and select Common Settings. Scroll down to the Mouse Wheel and select Settings. Then choose Scale up one size in the upper side/Scale down one size in the lower side.

    From there go to the Preferences>Canvas and make changes to the scale sizes you prefer.

  • @garlam Thank you so much! This was a near deal breaker. Funny thing I got so far as the setting you mentioned on my own, but figured that scaling thing I had to select was some kind of a transforming operation. Derp.

  • I like the smaller incremental zooming as well but it is nice to have the option to zoom by the set scale sizes. You're able to set modifiers for Ctrl+wheel and Alt+wheel and so on which is really handy. I have the normal 10% incremental zooming on the wheel, the scaling sizes on Ctrl+wheel, and of course Rotate on Shift+wheel (I think Rotate is default - I've done so much customizing it's impossible to remember). If you like the set scale size zooming more, you can switch it to the normal wheel modifier and put zooming on Ctrl +wheel to give yourself that option.