PP2014 - Morphing - 'Closing Facial Orifices'

  • Hi folks,

    I was wondering how to go about 'closing' facial orifices on M4 to create a fabric face mask. I think it would be good to have a Deadpool character with the ability to make expressions, but it would need the ears, nose and mouth closing up, while morphing the eyes but leaving them open so that a white material can be put onto the eye surface.

    Is this something which could be done and, if so, how?


  • Dynamic cloth sack shrinkwrapped to the head. Add texture. Done.

  • Hmmm... how does one 'shrinkwrap' dynamic cloth? I can hardly get that room to give me a good drape, lol!

  • Model a simple sack, bag; or ball prop that encloses the head. Place it over the head on frame 1 and shrink the scale in frame 20 or so. Run the sim. You can then export the "mask" as an obj. which can be used dynamically in any future project. A transmap will supply eye holes if they are needed.

  • @Glen85 I hope others will answer here, as my experience in the cloth room with trying to get tight fitting is to start with the figure to be fitted scaled smaller and brought back to the desired scale within the first several frames of the simulation.

    Another thing to try is with a medium poly density prop sphere and use the morph brush tool to tighten it around the figure's head.

    It's quite a shame that M4 doesn't have an equivalent to V4's morphing cowl, which was bundled with the bodysuit IIRC and has morphs which conform to V4's own morphs. You could try using the morph brush to adapt that to M4's head, I suppose. I did another comic character with covered eyes and used white spheres to fill the space over the character's eyes.

    0_1501687909452_Elissa Begging (2013 cropped).jpg