SASHA 16 !

  • A new and very impressive V4 based character by Karina !

    All Weight Mapped w/ custom morphs, JCMs, ERCs, everywhere for the best posing
    Tools to help to use her and so on .... too much to say :)

    And it works with DAZ morphs and most of custom morphs.

    It deserves absolutly to check it !

  • Thanks for posting. Makes me wonder, why the V4-crazy Poser folks aren't cheering yet. It seems Sasha-16 doesn't get the attention she deserves. so, well done, Karina. After more than 10 years, V4 finally bends well.

  • V4WM bent well with it's very first weight map project.

    I think few Poser users care about yet ANOTHER weight mapped V4 even if it comes equipped for 3D porn.

  • Wow, I'll definitely try this out! I love V4 and am game for any improvements to her, especially when it comes to bending. Thanks Karina for putting the effort into making this update.

    I would also post it to Renderosity's free stuff section too (I don't like ShareCG's interface so I rarely go there, I think if Sasha appears on Rendo's free area, this might give Sasha wider awareness).

  • @Glitterati3D why are you always so negative? Just a question, not an attack.

  • Just to clarify i'm not Karina.
    So it's not a SELF promotion

    I tried it and find it very good that's why i promot her.
    It really deserves it. :)

  • @masterstroke said in SASHA 16 !:

    Makes me wonder, why the V4-crazy Poser folks aren't cheering yet.

    Well I want to thank barnardino for raising awareness about Sasha. I think that's why V4-crazy Poser folks (like me) weren't cheering about it, because there's so much noise on the internets that it's easy to overlook this news.

    Now that I know, I certainly will tell others about Sasha! And I urge other Poser users to do the same, because for those of us who are still with an earlier version of Poser and won't be able to enjoy erogenesis' coming awesome female figure, which I believe only works under Poser11+, Sasha is exactly what we need!

  • I have tried her for some days, and I have to say that compaired to the first V4wm and the alfaseed weightmapped V4, she bents very well and their is very little texture stretching, which was a problem with the other two models. You can also apply V4 native poses very easy with just a few fixings. Karina delivered a load of tools to make conforming clothes and shoes fit. There are a lot of new morphs for better shaping and if you don't want to use the private parts, you can just switch them off. So it's a model for everyones taste.
    I must say that I'm very impressed, she (or he) did a hell of a job.

    Well done!


  • comparison between the first V4WM (made by vestmann) and S16 :

    alt text

    alt text

    By default S16 has joint limit ON, that's one of the reasons why poses are not exactly the same.

  • @masterstroke said in SASHA 16 !:

    Makes me wonder, why the V4-crazy Poser folks aren't cheering yet.

    Let me first of all note that I appreciate all these, no doubt complex, projects being shared with the wider world. It's definitely something I intend to give a look and experiment with a bit.

    But to answer that question, I tend to create scenes in which Victoria is fully clothed. I think (personal view) I can get around the minor issues with a brief application of the Morph Tool. I might be misunderstanding the purpose of these versions, but I am not convinced I need them given the above rendering preferences. Which leads to the second reason; I am fully aware that Poser is used to create erotic content (how can I not be, with every other Victoria costume showing more skin than fabric), but if the first two promotional images make her genitals a major issue, and a fourth notes that more pictures would violate the website's ToS, it makes me think I'm not the target audience. Which I may well not be, that's fine.

  • @barnardino

    Thanks for posting this, having more options for V4 is always welcome in lots of peoples Runtimes.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. I already downloaded the character and will give it a try. Especially the knee and elbow joints always annoy me with the old V4.

  • Oldenburg,

    I don't think that you'll be disappointed because these two bends, and the neck/head, were my priorities when I made SASHA, because they are always visible except in Siberian winter clothes or V4 wearing a full body potato sack :)

    @ others:
    No, "barnardino" isn't me as the admins probably can establish by comparing registration data.
    He's just someone who wanted to contribute by giving you a heads-up to my SASHA, so please stop bashing him.

    @ "adosity":
    Please by all means try SASHA. It might be a revelation.
    And though (it is true) I made SASHA with the "porn" section in mind, that doesn't mean that you can't use her like a standard V4 - without any hint of evil genitals. :D

    As "bopperthijs" already mentioned you can switch the genitals completely OFF.
    Which leaves you with a figure that still bends well.
    Wanna try?

    @ Glitterati3D:
    Why not try it yourself?
    Load both figures alongside and pose them.
    Then make up your verdict. Please.

    You may ask:

    Why didn't I release her here (or at Rendo, or wherever)?

    On purpose!

    If SASHA is a good figure word of mouth would soon spread, quot erat demonstrandum...

    It would also allow her to gather some reputation and feedback before the usual suspects start to tear her to pieces (SIXUS1's "Scarlet", anyone?)
    So let's make a deal:

    Download SASHA, put her to the paces, and then make up your verdict.

    • If you don't like her, delete her and all is fine again for you. No damage done, right?

    • If you like her, keep her and create some nice looking characters, pose it realistically, and simply enjoy the renders!

    How about that for a change?

    Take care all, and keep smiling!


  • Question:
    Can I edit my posts here to fix bad grammar/spelling or bad formatting, or to add additional thoughts?


  • @karina said in SASHA 16 !:

    @ Glitterati3D:
    Why not try it yourself?
    Load both figures alongside and pose them.
    Then make up your verdict. Please.

    Because I don't use V4. At all. For anything.

    I was part of the team that did the first weight map years ago. Now that fully rigged, weight mapped figures like Miki4, Anastasia, Roxie and Dawn are available, I have no use for old technology like V4.

  • I've just tried the figure and what I really love about it are the easy pose dials. So thanks very much for the figure Karina, and perhaps some of those in the process of developing their own figures could take a look at that feature, it something that makes it much easier to use .

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @j.naylor73 Poser native figures have been using those features since at least Poser 9. Alyson, Ryan, Rex, Roxie, and Pauline Advanced - tho not Pauline/Paul base for some reason, other than the hand controls.

  • You're right of course, used them a few times on miki4 but haven't used Alyson, Ryan's, Rex Roxie much, but liked the hip side to side and the head side to side ones on Sasha

  • @AmbientShade Exactly!

    That's my whole point, actually. Why would I use a figure that requires yet ANOTHER kludge, ANOTHER set of FIXES, ANOTHER round of "oh look V4 can finally do this" when there are multiple figures that have been doing it natively in Poser for years!

    Perhaps I just don't understand why choosing to fight with dated, unattractive technology over native figures that do the same thing holds any attraction.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @Glitterati3D Because most people have a library crammed full of V4 content and virtually nothing for all the others, comparatively.