Clip Studio content into Poser

  • Imported a poseable FBX character from Celsys Clip Studio Coordinate content, with my own head mesh created using Design Doll, eye textures by befanini of deviantart. Custom material settings by me. Some orientation trouble with the imported FBX parts. Fingers bending well. Clothing poseable. Hair also from Celsys. This is a Poser Pro 11 environment and render was created with FireFly engine.0_1463808737141_IMG_5375redux.jpg

  • Pretty neat.

  • 3_1463987963403_GirlB.jpg 2_1463987963403_GirlA2.jpg 1_1463987963402_boyA2.jpg 0_1463987963402_boyA.jpg

  • All above are rendered in Poser Pro 11 Firefly. Imported as FBX and posed by me. Some changes to material settings involved, but nothing horrifically difficult. Hair meshes come in transparent, so have to fix manually. Plenty of content I have yet to render.