Wacom 13hd touch eraser issue

  • Hello guys. I have win8.1 , and EX version.
    My problem is that I create a vectovector later layer and I work there. When I set the eraser for example to erase intersections, if I try to use it with the back side of wacom's pen nothing happened (like regular eraser). If I use it with the front side of pen then everything works perfect

  • In my experience, Clip Studio doesn't have great Wacom support, but I don't see this particular problem myself. Do you have Win 8's tablet features all properly disabled?

    (I would bet it's a Win8 issue, rather than Clip Studio; but I don't have your model Wacom tablet.)

  • Where can I check this? And which options must be disabled?

    Thank you for your reply

  • I use Windows 7, so I don't know the Win8 issues firsthand, but one of the problems was the 'Windows Ink' —feature. It's commonly suggested to disable it in the Wacom driver configuration.

    It's a check-box; enabled by default, and you find it in the the Windows Control Panel >> Wacom Tablet Properties. If your tablet is touch capable, you might try tapping five fingers at once on it, to open the tablet properties; some models do that.

  • I didn't do anything but it works fine again