Forcing Anime Stylisation Onto Poser Figure

  • The Poser Paul figure comes with a generous license for Poser users to create content using the figure. I have, over the several years, tried to develop for this figure, a reasonably close semblance of an anime-style head. I tried using the on-board morphs - nope. I tried using the morph brush and changing the head shape, but I could not get close enough to the look I wanted.

    So, what I did in the end, was to use the anime-style head I generated using Terawell's Design Doll software. I placed it approximately within the head region of the Poser Paul figure. Then I used the morph brush to shrink or expand Paul's head to fit just over the Design Doll's head. I then exported the morphed head shape and tested it on a fresh zeroed figure of Paul. Seems to work.



    Hair meshes are Alyson Hair 3 and 4, with custom fit and Cycles Surface cel shader by me. Dynamic clothes modelled by me using Shade 3D. All custom Cycles Surface cel shaders for Paul Ikemen by me.

  • And here I show the default Paul head versus my morph brushed Ikemen version:


  • @ibr_remote that must take forever to do with the morph brush.

  • @ghostship Just one afternoon. I already had the base shape to reference.

  • I test my older clothing on my anime Ikemen Paul. The items are from a collection I modelled for the Poser Paul figure some time ago. I needed to make minor adjustments for fit. I also completed the collection of pants and footwear for Paul. Here is the test SuperFly render. All Cycles Surface cel-shaders by me. Alyson Hair 4 from Smith Micro, Cycles cel-shaders by me.



  • I made him into an anime-style cat boy. Background shader node texture, and Long T-Shirt shader texture, created using Clip Studio Paint Pro. Terai Yuki Neko Ears by LittleFox, with custom shader settings by me. Kate Hair from Smith Micro, custom shaders by me. Long-Sleeved T-shirt modelled by me in Shade 3D. All cel shaders are for Cycles Surface, and devised by me. Lighting by me. Scene composed in Poser Pro 11 and rendered using SuperFly engine.0_1502212548027_Pre-Animation03.jpg


    In the next render, I used the Smith Micro Paul Slacks and created a Cycles Surface cel shader for it. Shoes modelled by me in Shade 3D, fitted as a conforming figure using Poser Pro 11.