Can poser handle (windows) shortcuts in the Runtime yet?

  • Just a question. In some previous version of Poser I had made handy shortcuts to for example similar props or chars. Library search would crash most of the times (can't remember if it was Poser crash or something else).

    Anyhoo, took me some time to reconstruct it had to be the shortcuts, and once they were gone, all was good again.

    But they would be handy to have. Like you have a truck (char) that has some props you can add to it. Doubleclick and you're there.

    Anyone experience with this or another smart solution?

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    @BobM Certainly, in Poser 11 they work.
    Like you I made extensive use of shortcuts in poser 7, then they stopped working reliably.
    I can't remember at what point they started working again, but all is good now.

  • @Snarlygribbly Ah, thanks for the update, Snarlygribbly!

  • @Snarlygribbly Hmmz, I get a strange error: Failed to open '....' for reading (error 5: access is denied.)
    But no dump.
    The link only does 'Show in Explorer', no doubleclick within poser. BTW, I'm using the external lib function, so within a browser tab.

    Any tips and tricks?

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    As I said, they are working for me, BUT ...

    ... I only use them in the 'Collections' folder (i.e. the one used by the Favourites tab)

    Perhaps they are treated differently there?
    What i did was write a script to trawl through my entire runtime and create shortcuts and PNGs for everything, putting them all in the Collections folder. Then I rearranged them as I wanted, making copies so that items could be in multiple places.
    I work exclusively from the Favourites tab now so that Vendors can do whatever they want in my runtime, but I only see the neatly organised version in the Favourites tab.

    I didn't realise that shortcuts still didn't work outside of that folder.

  • @BobM if this is from within Poser, try running Poser as admin. (waiting for the widows security freaks to flame me) LOL

  • @Snarlygribbly O, this is really a smart one. A virtual runtime so to speak.Very clever! AND you can mix char, lights, mats etc together. I'm going to think about this one, 'coz it's rather brilliant.

  • @ghostship That's a good one too. I'm gonna try it and let y'all know