Reorder Page Numbers

  • For a graphic novel with 100+ pages, something is wrong withe the page order. After adding/deleting or move pages in the page manager, the finder on my Mac, seems to mix up the pages in a random order. So previewing the story I made in the finder is not starting with page 1 and then showing the next one as I intended. Its starts with 3, then goes to 7 or whatever. Is there anything I can do to make the page order work again? In the page manager the order is correct.

  • Good point, I also dont like it. But seems you dont need to watch your pages somewhere else outside Manga Studio after you the story is collected.

  • @kostet1977 Thanks, it is probably the only thing you can do. Maybe they fix it in the next update. At least I know I'm not the only one you bumped into it ;-)

  • actually if you need to save your pages in jpg (or any common format) you have to use batch export and they will be saved properly numbered.

  • Thanks again. Luckily that is working correct.