EZSkin 3... Is this an error?

  • When I use EZSkin 3 in PP11, I get a popup window when I apply the shader that says:

    C:Program FilesSmith MicroPoser 11RuntimePythonposerScriptsScriptsMenuEZSkin3.pyc:4585: RuntimeWarning: Parsing SetFloat() Usage: SetFloat( value). Interpreted 0th tuple component as float.

    Is this an error of some sort? I'm not much of a Python coder, so I know exactly nothing about it. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

  • Make sure you've got it installed correctly. Also, make sure the Poser runs under Admin privileges - Right Click on the Poser Executable file, select Properties, Compatibility tab, check the Always Run as Administrator box, exit then restart it. (Running it as Admin by right-clicking then choosing "Run as Admin" is a run-once command that won't always give it the necessary permissions if it reads/writes outside of its directory structure.

    Also, as a general issue with Poser Python scripts when running remote directories that aren't in the main Poser directory structure, make sure that all the necessary files for python scripts that seem to have issues are present in both the main Poser directory (Program Files/Program Files (x86)) as well as whatever your remote directory happens to be. (ie: Install twice or copy/paste the necessary directories and files where they're supposed to be in both directories.) This clears up a lot of issues, IMO.

  • I always install in my main directory with Python scripts. I don't like hunting for them when there is an issue, so I keep them all nice and bundled together. I will check the script. On another site they told me to check for an update to EZSkin, as that has caused the exact error I am getting. Thanks for the reply.

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    @rokket The update is indeed what you need.
    Note that EZSkin will run from any location and does not need admin privileges.

  • @Snarlygribbly Thank you , sir! I'll get on that as soon as Poser finishes a very long winded render. I am 11 of 20 pixel samples.